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19 October 2015

Piñata Tombstone Treats - Halloween Party Food

We've been making a lot of spooky goodies during the past few days in preparation for our second favourite event of the year, Halloween, and these Tombstone Pinata Biscuits are the latest recipe for our party food collection. The three layers of cookie are glued together with sticky icing and filled with sour apple flavoured sweets to provide a tasty little surprise! 

225g butter
150g caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 medium egg
30g cocoa powder
375g plain flour
Pinch of salt
Small sweets/sprinkles.

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degrees 
  • Cream together the butter and sugar in a bowl
  • Add the vanilla and egg and combine well
  • Sift in the flour, cocoa and salt then mix to form a dough
  • Roll the dough out thinly, around 4mm in thickness, and place on top of a sheet of baking paper
  • Cut out the biscuits using a cutter or handmade template (you require 3 shapes per tombstone) and remove the excess. Cut a hole in the centre of every third one. 

  • Transfer the sheet over to a baking tray (it's a lot easier to do this than to attempt to pick them up individually) and bake for around 8 minutes.
  • Allow to cool and then apply icing to each complete shape (do not add icing to those with the centre remove)
  • Place a biscuit with the centre removed on top of a complete shape, add some sweets into the hole and place a complete shape on top
  • Use an icing pen to write on each tombstone
  • Scoff!

You can add whatever edible items you like inside but these sour balls provide an extra shock!

Will you be making any Halloween themed food?

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  1. Love this idea especially with the sour apple x

  2. Yum yum

  3. These biscuits look lovely, thanks for sharing the recipe

  4. Fantastic idea!
    We had Halloween 6th birthday party

  5. These are a great idea and could be modified for other occasions too!

  6. Wow these are brilliant. I really like these. Look great and I bet that they tasted even better x


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