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16 December 2015

#200yearsofemma Twitter Party with Scottish Widows

It's 200 years since Scottish Widows was first launched to support widowed women after the 
Napoleonic Wars and also 200 years since Jane Austen's 'Emma' was first published. To mark these special anniversaries Scottish Widows have arranged a Twitter party to discuss how love, money and marriage have changed since 1815 and to also provide some interesting facts and figures from a recent survey based on these topics. 

Women of today's society appear to be far more financially independent and far more influential when it comes to shaping and helping the world around us. Two centuries ago women were often seen as the homemaker while the husband was the breadwinner, but a lot has changed since then. Many of my friends work full or part time with male partners staying home and being more hands on with the kids - that's quite a role reversal since the 1800's. 

Years ago women married primarily for money and status and although being financially stable is often beneficial in relationships today, more and more couples marry for love and worry less about their bank balance and social background. Having a family and travel are far higher on my agenda than having a ring on my finger... although that would be lovely too!

Scottish Widows have polled Britons on various themes from the Jane Austen novel - such as marrying for money and matchmaking - to consider how things have changed over the past 200 years. You can hear more about the findings in the Twitter Party. 

Twitter Party

To support the 200th anniversary of Scottish Widows a live Twitter chat, hosted by Scottish Widows and Tots 100 with contribution from The Guardian writer and columnist Lucy Mangan, will be taking place later today.

Use the #200yearsofemma hashtag between 8-9pm to get involved. 
We'd love to hear your thoughts!

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