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14 March 2016

7 Years

220,924,800 seconds
3,682,080 minutes
61,368 hours
2557 days
7 years

It's true that time flies when you're having fun and it still feels like yesterday I met the Mr for the very first time - him in a shirt and trousers, me in a pink ruffle dress, at a pub in Northampton. A mutual friend introduced us online and after chatting for a while via MSN we arranged a group night out. Just a week later (14th March 2009) we became a couple officially.

He is an incredibly inspiring man who is hard-working and he has always treated the Mini Mes as his own, something that is obviously so important to me as a parent. He makes me laugh and I would say that we are probably best friends too with all of the silly things we get up to. We are always attacking each other with water, a tea towel or jumping out from behind a door!

I wouldn't change a thing about him... well perhaps the snoring.

I love you Poo Face.

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  1. Aww! How sweet! Happy anniversary x

  2. You're so lucky to find someone who truly makes you happy xx

  3. How sweet! You both make a very lovely couple, so glad you both found each other <3


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