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02 March 2016

World Book Day Costume Ideas with Duck Tape

When the letters come home from school about World Book Day I generally look online and purchase a costume for the Mini Mes and we've had some great ones over the years. But this time, to save money and to have a little fun in the process, we decided to create our own. After all, nothing beats a little imagination and effort for a home made design.

It gives us all a great sense of achievement too.

What the Ladybird Heard is a lovely rhyming tale by Julia Donaldson. The illustrations are bold and bright and the glitter adds even more magic to the pages. Ladybirds have always been a favourite creature of Minxy's so she has dressed as one quite a few times.

To create this Ladybird costume we just used a large cardboard box, red and black Duck Tape - it really is that simple!

  • Cut a rectangular box so you have two large panels along with a side all connected. 
  • In the side panel you cut out a hole for the child's head to go through so it looks like a tabard. Alternatively just cut out the two side panels and connect them with Duck Tape - the tape becomes shoulder straps.
  • Cover with red Duck Tape
  • Use a strip of the black Duck Tape down the centre on the front and back panels
  • Pull off a large strip of Black Duck Tape and fold it in half so it sticks together
  • Cut circular shapes out for the spots and stick these down onto the card by folding over tiny strips of tape so it becomes double sided
  • To make it more secure when being worn you can add additional tape strips around the base to connect the front and back panels
  • Team with black or red trousers

You could also use this costume idea for The Bad-Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle or as Gaston from Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom!

Secondly we created a quick Tin Man costume from the classic; The Wizard of Oz.

  • Create a tabard in the same way as instructed for the Ladybird costume
  • Cover the card in silver Duck Tape
  • Fold over a strip of red Duck Tape so it sticks together and cut out a heart shape. Attach this to the tabard with a small strip of tape folded over so it becomes double sided
  • To make the hat use a plastic funnel and cover it in silver Duck Tape. Alternatively cut the top half off from a 2 litre fizzy drink bottle and cover
  • You can attach this to a headband with Duck Tape or make a chin strap by using two strips of tape, one of which attaches to the outside of the hat while the other attaches to the inside before sticking them together
  • Team with grey trousers or put strips of the silver Duck Tape onto a pair trousers vertically

You can use the silver Duck Tape to make a Silver Surfer costume or Sonic the Hedgehog too.

Using Duck Tape saves time and mess from painting. There are so many colours to choose from, including funky prints, so you could even opt for an Elmer the elephant costume!

For more costume ideas take a look on the Duck Tape website.

What costume will your child be wearing for World Book Day?

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  1. Great idea, thank you! It will be The Very Hungry Caterpillar for our youngest.

  2. Great ideas! Very creative!


  3. Its amazing some of the things that are made with duck tape now!

  4. Great idea. Caterpillar, as he loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

    Rachel Craig

  5. Wow fab thanks for the tips x

  6. Elsa as I took the easy option and it was already in her wardrobe! Xxx

  7. wow I never of thought to use duck tape for custom making but will definitely do so now. I adore your ladybird :)

  8. great ideas, we went with the shop bought costumes, my daughters went as Little Red Riding Hood and a Dinosaur

  9. These are so simple but creative!

  10. The Tin man is excellent.

  11. I always love seeing all of the children going to school on World Book Day, there's some amazing costumes!

  12. My daughter dressed up as one of the pirates from 'Pirates Love Underpants'!

  13. good fun to read

  14. clever :) people spend a fortune on world book day costumes. My niece went as a witch for room on the broom

  15. I really love these clever ideas!


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