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12 April 2016

A Digital Playground - KidzInMind App Review

Children today are incredibly tech savvy, with even the smallest of toddlers using mobile phones and tablets to play games regularly, so it's important to know as a mum (or dad) that our little ones are safe and secure online. KidzInMind has been created by a community of parents and they guarantee that the apps within are all carefully selected so that none of them contain hidden fees, external links or ads, inappropriate language or imagery. This allows your child to learn and have fun while providing peace of mind for you - they won't be getting access to adult content or racking up a huge bill!

We downloaded KidzInMind to take a peek at the great security settings in place and to find out what exactly it has to offer for families. 

Upon opening the app you're taken to the homepage, an interactive image of a bedroom, where you can click on various objects to navigate to specific activities. It's bright and attractive in appearance and Jamster was most intrigued by the monster photo frame first which once pressed opened into a second room showing a 'Dino Lab' screen. Here he was able to play games which involved matching skeletons to the correct dinosaur, spotting the differences between two pictures and bone jigsaws which he really enjoyed. 

After completing each mission it revealed some interesting facts about dinosaurs and as he progressed there was an increase in difficulty which made it educational and challenging yet rewarding too. This was merely a fraction of what was available however, as there are lots of other apps to unlock and explore!

We investigated further and found that by clicking a painting set on the homepage there was an opportunity to be creative through drawing which you can save to your camera roll, a chance to learn the alphabet in English and Italian by selecting some books and Jamster was also able to watch a 12 minute episode of 'Lucky Fred' by choosing the TV option. KidzInMind offers great variety to keep children engaged and learning through play.

There are around 40 additional games/apps to unlock, with others being added weekly, including extra video clips and areas to visit which can be done so by setting up a subscription for a month, 6 months or a year. To prevent your child from signing up themselves there is a mathematical question to answer which the majority of small children wouldn't be able to do - a really clever idea!

This award winning app is aimed at children aged 2-6 and the apps within, which have been developed with experts in paediatrics, nutrition and education, can be time restricted by parents for ultimate control. You can specify what your child can do on the device they are using while on the app, thanks to 'baby mode', and prevent other app usage and internet access. This ensures that when using your handset they cant exit it and start ringing friends and relatives in your address book by mistake or otherwise which is a really useful function to have.

Key Features
  • APPROVED - All apps featured are vetted and approved before being added to KidzInMind.
  • EDUCATIONAL - Every app is educational in nature.
  • PARENTAL CONTROL - Parents are offered added peace of mind with access to a selection of parental controls
  • SAFE AND SECURE - KidzInMind is a safe and secure environment for kids to learn and have fun with no risk of clicking away to inappropriate content or links.
  • AD-FREE - Simple - no ads whatsoever.

Although aimed at slightly younger children, Jamster really enjoyed KidzInMind and I was really pleased by it as a parent too. It would be great if in the near future there was the option to pay a one off fee for usage but at the same time the subscription service allows you to sign up as and when suits you and your family's needs which will be appreciated by many.

You can download the free app for android via GooglePlay and for Apple via iTunes then pay just 79p per month for limited in-built apps and features or £2.99 per month for unlimited access to the full app, parental controls plus the video and game catalogue.

For more information head over to their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube channel or visit their blog.

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  1. What an excellent idea for an app. I always worry about accidental in-game purchases.

  2. Great review thanks - sounds cool!

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  4. Excellent review. Thank you! I like the idea of no accidental clicking on other sites.

  5. Great for the children.

    Rachel Craig

  6. This sounds like something my grandson would love

  7. I love apps that the kids really enjoy that are educational too!

  8. not even seen this app before so thanks for the review

  9. Maria Rogers02/05/2016, 15:51


  10. This sounds good for H she has become a little obsessed with selfies on the phone recently! so somethign else for her would be much better - whoever heard of a 3 year old who can work a phone for selfies!

  11. Interesting review. Might be worth a closer look, thank you.

  12. Interesting great review my daughter loves drawing on these apps got loads downloaded think we need to have a look at this .x

  13. this looks fun, will have to invest in it

  14. Looks fab - I really need to get on board with this technology malarky...I still have a 'dumb' phone! :)


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