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31 May 2016

Card Roll Fairy Homes

I've been putting a few kitchen and wrapping paper rolls to one side, especially for half term, as they are always come in handy for rainy day crafts and keeping the kids entertained for free. There are so many things you can create with them from animals and vehicles to these cute little houses that will go well in your gardens for outdoor play! 

When plastic tealights are added they look really magical in the summer evenings but your little ones could always leave their teeth inside ready for the tooth fairy to collect from their rooms too.


Card tubes
Coloured paper
Tealights (battery powered, optional)
  • Firstly, make the roof using a piece of coloured paper which is A5 in size (half a sheet of A4). Cut the paper so you have a square (14.8cm by 14.8cm) and a separate rectangular strip
  • Roll up the rectangular strip and glue the end so it becomes a tube - the chimney

  • With the square piece of paper, fold as the dotted lines show in the imagery below in the direction of the arrows (it's a lot easier to follow the pictures than for me to describe the process!). I've intentionally used paper that is coloured red on one side and white on the other side for you as I think this helps to make it clear

  • Slide the chimney into the roof and glue into place
  • Next, bend inwards half of the top rim of the card tube and then the other half so that they meet 
  • Take hold of the two points where the card tube has now curved upwards and squeeze them together
  • Add glue to the area and slide the roof on top

  • Cut a slit approx 2cm in length into the card tube from the base rim and then 1cm across to form a door
  • Either draw on two windows with the pen approx 1cm by 2cm in size, slightly above and to either side of the door, or use coloured paper to create them and glue them on
  • Place your tealight inside (optional)

  • Make an entire village
  • Add your child's LEGO figures to play
  • Use lots of different coloured paper to make it really appealing or stick to their favourite themes
  • Use leftover wrapping paper for funky prints
  • Add glitter and sequins for an added sparkle
  • Create cone shaped roofs for variation - just roll a piece of paper around your hand into a point and glue it down
  • Cut the windows out for added light
  • Keep away from water/rain or they will end up soggy!

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  1. These are amazing. My toddler loves making things so this is something I would like to try.

  2. What a fab idea. Entertaining the children over school holidays can be really expensive unless you can find fun, creative things to make like these. Thanks.

  3. These look great. It's been such drab weather to the start of half term so these look great to do and we have all the bits and bobs.

  4. I love these! I alays have more toilet rolls than craft ideas, so I am bookmarking this!

  5. such a cute idea, my daughters would love to make these

  6. Such a brilliant idea and so easy to do! I love craft ideas so will defo be giving these a go!

  7. They look so cute in the garden!

  8. I have started saving bits and pieces to make these with the children!

  9. need to do this with my daughter!

  10. Maria Rogers09/06/2016, 08:24


  11. What a clever idea - they look really cute too!

  12. FAB idea, will have to try this with the girls as they love fairies!

  13. Super cute idea my girls would love doing this x

  14. very cute! think I could manage to make these

  15. Fab rainy day craft idea !! I bet there are loads more things you could make with toilet roll tubes !!

  16. Thanks for linking up to #CreateMakeShare. This is such a lovely idea, I'm delighted to feature you.

  17. how magical! I wonder if a few fairies will move in

  18. Fab idea - not much of a crafty person but these look like fun

  19. Fab idea
    Definitely going to have fun making these dairy huts

  20. These are gorgeous! My little girl loves fairies and she loves crafting so this is definately a project we will be doing this summer!

  21. great idea and so simple too!

  22. Going to have to try this with my Granddaughter. I used to do lots of crafts with my son when he was little but I'm a bit out of practice so it's great to read some easy & fun ideas.

  23. These would be great fun to make, with the summer holidays now here, would make a great project

  24. Great ideas. I can recall years ago when flat sharing, we collected materials e.g. Cardboard inner from toilet roll etc. One of our flat mates had a friend who worked at a private children's Nursery.We liked the idea of recycling, and the children being able to make use of the materials. Friend told us they were much appreciated.

    Rachel Craig


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