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10 May 2016

How Clean is the Air in Your Home? uHoo Product Launch

Ensuring the air we breathe is as clean as possible is important for families, especially those with allergies, and uHoo is here to make this a far easier task. It not only alerts you when there are toxins present but it also provides recommendations on how you can keep your home safer for you and your little ones. After all, we all want is best for our children and this air quality sensor helps to keep you healthier.

• 6 out of 10 homes are hazardous to their owner’s health

• 72% of toxic chemicals we come into contact with are indoors

• 10% of toxic exposure is due to cleaning products

Indoor air quality is up to five times worse than outdoors and bad air often affects sleep, can trigger asthma and cause ongoing headaches. I like to ensure we walk the dog each day, go for bike rides and play at the park frequently but considering most people still spend far more time inside than they do out this is something to seriously think about. 

For myself as a self employed mum, that also works from home, I probably spend even more time in my house than the average person so the benefits from uHoo would certainly help me on a personal level. I might get the chance, now that the warmer summer weather is on the way, to spend time out in the garden but I still need to retreat indoors for some shade or to escape the pollen at times. Better air not only improves your overall health but it can provide a better level of energy and clarity of mind which could improve my working day in terms of productivity! uHoo can tell you where changes need to be made so you can adjust your cleaning products accordingly or even open windows to aerate rooms when required.

With as many as 7 million children, in the USA alone, having asthma and children being more susceptible to pollutants than adults in general, if you're a parent like myself it might be worth purchasing uHoo for peace of mind. uHoo is the most advanced indoor air quality sensor and it tracks the most important things that trigger asthma, rhinitis and allergies which includes dust (or PM2.5), Carbon Monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs - found in paint and cleaning products), Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Ozone and Air Pressure. 

It provides 24/7 monitoring and even when you're away from home you can use the app for updates which is really handy to have.

The uHoo is now available to pre­order at a discounted price so there is no better time to get yours from Finding out whether the air around you is safe or not is vital for your well being and with such a great offer it's the ideal to purchase one for your home or office. It's also created in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and being small in size (6.2 inches in height and 200 grams in weight) it will fit in well with your ornaments on a shelf or desk - wherever is best for you.

You can find out more information on the website:

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The giveaway ends at 11.59pm PST on 10th June 2016 and is being drawn by uHoo.

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  1. I love how small it is, would be great for a child's bedroom.

  2. This is first time I am heading such a product

  3. This is first time I am heading such a product

  4. Maria Rogers16/05/2016, 13:42


  5. This sounds wonderful and I love how compact this is x

  6. Some worrying figures mentioned. Nice little gadget.

  7. handy gadget - good for peace of mind

  8. Margaret Clarkson
    Sounds very useful for people with allergies.

  9. This would be great for us as my partner has asthma

  10. Clean, Healthy, Safe Air is important for us all.

    Rachel Craig

  11. This is interesting I had never heard of these uhoo's until now!
    Brilliant for Asthma sufferers.

  12. I don't have asthma but have a few airborne allergies so this would be fab for me

  13. Never heard of this but it seems like a clever idea!


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