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24 June 2016

5 Home Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Pets soon become a part of the family and if they aren't rolling around on the floor for tummy tickles and learning tricks they can often be found snoring away comfortably on the furniture! Despite our love for four legged friends they can be a little messy at times and trying to get rid of dog smell along with fur and muddy paw prints can be a struggle. 

As a pet owner myself I've tried and tested a few methods over the years so hopefully my tips will help to keep your home fresh and clean all year round.

  • When purchasing a bed for your pets opt for one with a removable cover if possible so you can take it off with ease to wash regularly. Using an anti-bacterial washing powder will also help to remove stains while killing germs in the process. Choose a brand like Ariel which provides a fresh scent without it being overpowering - pets have sensitive noses so detergents that are fragrance free are always best to prevent irritation. Also wash family bedding often, especially as pets like to sleep on duvets and blankets!
  • Not only do paws create muddy prints, they can trap bacteria which is then walked into your home. We always have a towel hung by the front door ready for the return of the poochie after an outing and I recommend other dog owners do the same. You can quickly dry off any damp fur and wipe over their legs for minimal mess. Disinfecting with a mop will also keep your flooring spick and span.
  • Grooming your pet regularly outside will remove excess fur to minimise loss within your home - prevention is certainly better than cure. Any fur you do find indoors can be swept up, hoovered or picked up quickly using a lint roller, velcro curler, damp rubber glove or even sellotape.
  • Many pets like to curl up in the corner of the sofa for a nap so protect your furniture from dirt, dribble and scratches with colour coordinated throws. These can be taken off and cleaned frequently to keep your suite looking in top condition for longer while being aesthetically pleasing in the process.
  • Your dog may have the odd accident or get poorly from time to time and although you can prevent stains and remove odours with a vinegar and water solution it is a good idea to have essential products and tools to hand. A dustpan and brush, all purpose and multi surface cleaners are great to have in the kitchen cupboard for fast and convenient cleaning.

Have you got any cleaning tips to share?

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  1. Great post, my dog sheds hair all year round

  2. One of the main reasons I don’t have pets is the cleaning effort!

  3. I stopped using regular fabric conditioner a few years ago and now use a capful of Zoflora in the conditioner drawer. Not only does it add a lovely fragrance to the wash but it disinfects it safely so any bacteria the pets have introduced to house are washed away.

  4. Great post love the pics! I definitely agree with brushing regularly outdoors lol

  5. Aw super blog post thankyou for sharing with us! I never thought about getting fragrance free products.

  6. Some great tips there, never thought of a lint roller .x


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