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29 July 2016

DIY No Sew Tote Bag {Creative Summer 7}

Being busy bees over the summer it's useful to have a nice bag to carry your books, sun cream and snacks around in and this simple activity allows you to make your own from a t-shirt! It's a great craft for tween girls in particular - Minxy loves hers as it's ideal for sleepovers with her friends as an alternative to a handbag or backpack. It's also a nice way to reuse old clothes that no longer fit or you no longer need, like my Game of Thrones themed one below...

DIY No Sew Tote Bag


T-shirt (a size large is the best to use but you can make smaller/bigger versions)

  • Remove the sleeves of the t-shirt by cutting them off just inside the seam
  • Cut off the neckline
  • Turn the t-shirt inside-out and lay it on a flat surface
  • Cut vertical strips in the hem of the t-shirt approx 1" apart and approx 3" in length
  • Knot the paired strips together  - each front strip is to be knotted with the one behind it

How to make your own tote bag

  • Knot each pair with the pair next to it
  • Turn the t-shirt back around so it's no longer inside-out
  • Use as a bag!

How to make your own tote bag

- Add badges for a more personalised look
- Use a plain t-shirt and tie dye it before transforming
- If it gets dirty just pop it in the wash

** Pop back to the blog each day, right up until 5th September, for daily activities to keep the kids entertained as part of my Creative Summer project **

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  1. Well Done! No Sewing.

    Rachel Craig


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