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23 July 2016

Gummy Sweets Ice Lollies {Creative Summer #1}

It's the start of the summer holidays and I'm already dreaming of afternoons spent relaxing in the back garden on a comfy lounger, browsing magazines and sipping something with a paper umbrella while the Mini Mes make the most of the paddling pool.

These ice lollies are incredibly simple to put together and are a great way to remain cool in the heat. The little sweeties within are a tasty treat while adding texture and the lemonade is so refreshing - they're seriously low calorie too!

Let the kids get creative in the kitchen.


Gummy sweets - we used rings and bears
Lemonade (we used a sugar free version with just 1 calorie per 250ml!)


  • Pour the lemonade into your lolly moulds leaving a 2cm gap at the top
  • Pop in a selection of gummy sweets 
  • Add the lid and sticks
  • Place in the freezer for several hours until frozen
  • Remove the lollies from the mould
  • Scoff!

- Use other fizzy drinks for different flavours
- Add some lime for an added zing
- Use the drink when flat to reduce air bubbles
- Use your child's favourite colours to make them really appealing or make rainbow patterns
- Don't have a mould? Use empty yoghurt pots

** Pop back to the blog each day, right up until 5th September, for daily activities to keep the kids entertained as part of my Creative Summer project **

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  1. we've decided to make our own lollies this summer and will try the gummy sweets! I think jelly tots would work too.

  2. i really must try these my 3 will love it


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