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22 August 2016

Calypso Holiday Hacks #3 - Family Photography at Woburn Safari Park

Calypso have created the Holiday Hacks app which is a collection of great ideas, gathered from parents in the know, to keep the kids busy all summer until school restarts in September. We've already spent time reading some new books and enjoying time outside as a family which were super boredom busters suggested by the app, and now we've picked a third activity to keep the Mini Mes entertained - it was perfectly timed for our trip to the zoo!

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign

"Take a disposable camera wherever you go - the kids love to see how the photos turn out at the end of the holiday, it's creative, and a lovely afternoon when we all sit together to see how the photos have turned out."

We love to visit Woburn Safari Park a few times a year to see the animals and to indulge with a tasty picnic lunch. Being located in Bedfordshire it really isn't that far from us and driving through the different enclosures getting really close to the wildlife is a wonderful experience, especially when the tiny monkeys jump onto our sunroof or bonnet for a play! That's always a highlight of our trip.

On this occasion I provided the Mini Mes with a camera of their own, my spare digital one, so that they could take some good quality pictures that we could look back through after our visit. I was quite excited to see what would be appealing to them to photograph and the different angles they may achieve. It was also nice not to be the only one taking snaps for a change and I felt I could relax a little more knowing nothing would be missed on the memory card.

Here are a few of their photos...

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign - animal image

Apart from a little glare off the car window this is a great picture. Minxy did well to capture this while the vehicle was still in motion. It was nice to see the zebra, wildebeest, buffalo and other animals in large open areas with plenty of room.

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign - monkey on the car

I was too busy laughing at the monkeys pulling off aerials and wipers (thankfully not our own) to get many photos of them in action so this is a good picture taken by Minxy again, when peering between the front two seats from the back. It's a shame the leg is a little blurred but it was such a fidget clambering from vehicle to vehicle.

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign - pig in mud

This is near identical to a picture I took myself - Jamster did well to position the heavy camera in his little hands and get this photo from between the wooden fence. Once we had completed the safari by car it was nice to get out and explore the rest of the park by foot.

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign - penguins

I like the reflections in this photo taken by Jamster. He did try to get them all looking towards us but that was near impossible as they kept bending to clean themselves. The penguins were really entertaining and we were able to see them swimming by the glass panels too which is ideal for little ones to get a better look.

Finally, my favourite photo of the day was most definitely this one of a beautiful lemur taken by Minxy. She knelt down, positioned the camera steadily between two posts and angled the lens down to where this animal was balanced. I actually like that the sides are a bit fuzzy as it provides even more focus on the creature itself.

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign - lemur at woburn safari park

After visiting all of the animals and to end our day we had fun in the Mammoth Play Ark which has a wonderful variety of slides and climbing apparatus to burn off any leftover energy. This gave the Mr and I a few minutes to sit down and chat before we all headed back outside to enjoy our lunch al fresco.

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign - soft play at woburn

Basic photography tips for kids

  • Ask them to use different perspectives e.g photograph the object from below, above, the side and show them how to use the zoom
  • Teach them to hold the camera straight and keep their hand as steady as possible
  • Encourage them to take lots of pictures. Not hundreds of the same thing but a nice mixture to ensure they get a few great shots
  • Try to get them to find a focal point - something of interest to get a picture of instead of random things

Calypso Holiday Hacks Campaign - our lunch at woburn
The soft toy came from a previous visit

Take a peek and the Holiday Hacks app and see what activities it recommends for you to try this summer.

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  1. Ahh their pictures have turned out so well! Looks like you had a great day x

    1. I was really impressed! There were quite a few awful ones too mind ha! x

  2. Love the disposable camera idea (and the tips for kids!), mine both have cameras and I really love looking at what they have taken when we are away! :D

  3. I love giving the boys my camera and we have just invested in a Polaroid type one so they can use that

  4. What great pictures the mini-mes have taken. I am often finding photos on my phone which my kids have taken, the Little Man in particular loves his selfies :)

  5. Great photos! Love the sleeping pig :)

  6. Looks like you had a really fabulous day! Oh Jen the Polaroid camera idea is great!

  7. My kids love taking a personalised camera out and about with them

  8. They took some great pictures! My five year old has started to use my DSLR a bit when we go out which is...ummm...well he enjoys it!


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