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04 November 2016

Christmas Gift Giveaway #4

Give the gift of learning this Christmas and start the new year with a qualification, thanks to NCC!

Whether you want a change in career or something to fill your evenings when the children are in bed home learning is incredibly rewarding.

The winner of this great prize can pick from the following courses: 

  • Advanced Counselling (NCC)
  • Asperger Syndrome Awareness (NCC)
  • Autism Awareness (NCC)
  • Autism Awareness for Educators (NCC)
  • Beauty Therapy (NCC)
  • Beauty Treatment Consultant (NCC)
  • Business Administration (NCC)
  • Business Start-up (NCC)
  • Challenging Behaviour Children and Young People (NCC)
  • Child Care (NCC)
  • Child Development 0-5 (NCC)
  • Child Minding (NCC)
  • Child Psychology (NCC)
  • Childcare & Early Learning (NCC)
  • CIEH Level 1 Principles Fire Safety (NCC)
  • CIEH Principles Fire Safety
  • Counselling (NCC)
  • Course restoration in progress copy 1
  • Creative Writing (NCC)
  • Criminal Psychology (NCC)
  • Criminalistics ( NCC )
  • Criminalistics (NCC)
  • Criminology (NCC)
  • CyberCrime (NCC)
  • Deaf Awareness (NCC)
  • Dementia Awareness (NCC)
  • Diabetes Awareness (NCC)
  • Diabetes Children & Young People (NCC - PDF)
  • Diabetes Children & Young People (NCC)
  • Dog Grooming - (NCC)
  • Dyslexia Awareness (NCC)
  • Event Management (NCC)
  • Food Hygiene (NCC)
  • Forensic Ballistics - (NCC)
  • Forensic Linguistics (NCC)
  • Forensic Psychology (NCC)
  • Forensic Science (NCC)
  • Genealogy (NCC)
  • Healthy Eating and Nutrition (NCC)
  • Higher Level Teaching Assistant (NCC)
  • Human Resource Management (NCC)
  • Human Resources (NCC)
  • Infection Control for Tattooist (NCC)
  • Infection Control for Tattooists and Piercing Professionals (NCC)
  • Language and The Law - Forensic Linguistics (NCC)
  • Learning Disabilities Awareness (NCC)
  • Learning Disability Awareness (NCC)
  • Life Coaching (NCC)
  • Marketing & Media - (NCC)
  • Marketing (NCC)
  • Media Studies (NCC)
  • Mental Health Awareness (NCC)
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NCC) copy 1
  • Neurological Conditions (NCC)
  • Nursery Nurse (NCC)
  • Nutrition & Weight Management - (NCC)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (NCC)
  • Personal Assistant (NCC)
  • Plan Your Own Wedding (NCC)
  • Prevent Duty Training (NCC)
  • Prevent Duty Training SS (NCC)
  • Principles Of Medication Admin in Schools (NCC)
  • Professional Dog Grooming - (NCC)
  • Professional Reflexologist (NCC)
  • Professional Reflexologist (NCC) copy 1
  • Psychology (NCC)
  • Psychology of Criminal Profiling (NCC)
  • Psychology of Criminal Profiling v2 (NCC) copy 1
  • Recruitment, Selection and Induction of Staff (NCC)
  • Responding to Substance Misuse (NCC)
  • Retirement Planning (NCC)
  • Safeguarding Children and Young People (NCC)
  • Social & Political History (NCC)
  • Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (NCC)
  • Sociology (NCC)
  • Special Educational Needs (NCC)
  • Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties in Education (NCC)
  • Sports Psychology - (SC - PDF)
  • Sports Psychology (NCC)
  • Support Work in Schools (NCC)
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning In Schools Award Level 3 (NCC)
  • Teaching Assistant (NCC)
  • Therapeutic Activities (NCC)
  • Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (NCC)
  • Understanding Epilepsy (NCC)
  • Upcycling (NCC)
  • Visual Impairment (NCC)
  • Wedding Planning - (NCC)
  • Weight Management Consultant (NCC)

Which would you select?

For your chance to WIN a course you can enter via the Gleam entry form below.

Leaving a comment is mandatory but there are additional entry methods available for bonus points.

The giveaway ends at 11.59pm GMT on 12th December 2016.

Good luck!

WIN a NCC course


  1. Professional Reflexologist sounds good

  2. Maria Rogers07/11/2016, 08:35

    Deaf awareness - I was born deaf and it would be a great idea to teach people how to make communicating much easier by looking directly at me, dont mumble, dont cover your mouth etc etc

  3. i'd love to do the Genealogy (NCC)

  4. Child Care! Though I think I could easily pick through another 10!

  5. I think I would choose Social & Political History. I find that stuff quite interesting. :)

  6. Not sure yet.

    Rachel Craig

  7. Hard to choose I love animals so maybe Dog Grooming but also like the sound of Marketing and Media. So many to choose from.

  8. I would choose the Challenging Behaviour Children and Young People Course

  9. Would be either DOg Grooming or Teaching Assistant.

  10. I would go with counselling as not enough people talk about issues they may have.

  11. Probably Psychology of Criminal Profiling.

  12. I'd choose the Child development 0-5

  13. I would probably go for Therapeutic Activities

  14. I would choose the Business Start-up (NCC)

  15. Genealogy but so such a wide choice!

  16. Upcycling would be my choice.

    Kelly Glen

  17. Healthy Eating and Nutrition (NCC)

  18. There's too much to choose from tbh! I would pick a dozen if that was possible. Forensic Science or Forensic Psychology would be on my list.

  19. Supporting Teaching and Learning in School Level 3

  20. Rebecca Turner13/11/2016, 14:32

    Marketing or Marketing & Media maybe, but for my boyfriend. He's looking at a bit of a career change.

  21. Probably Child Development 0-5 (NCC)!

  22. event management or wedding planning

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  24. Marketing & Media - (NCC)would be super for work

  25. Autism Awareness for Educators (NCC) or Mental Health Awareness (NCC).

  26. Probably something like Criminology, I think it'd be really interesting

  27. Psychology of Criminal Profiling. - Leanne w

  28. Creative Writing

  29. Lynsey Buchanan14/11/2016, 21:25

    Deaf awareness

  30. The teaching assistant course.

  31. Healthy Eating and Nutrition (

  32. I think I would go with business start-up

  33. I think I'd choose the Challenging Behaviour Children and Young People course

  34. mental health awareness course,it needs to be out there.i suffer and to many peole dont know enough and just sit in judgement of people like me,its an illness!!!

  35. Criminal Psychology (NCC) Would really really fascinate me! Dxx

  36. I'd go for business start up I think :)


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