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12 December 2016

Natural Cycles Fertility App

Whether you're trying to conceive quickly or prevent pregnancy without the use of contraception, knowing your cycle in depth is key. A calendar can be handy for tracking dates but with technology being in the palm of our hands, quite literally, it's definitely worth downloading the Natural Cycles fertility app for the latest information on the go. 

The app was created by Dr Raoul Scherwitzl and Dr Elina Berglun, a Swedish husband and wife team, and it has already helped over 5,000 women to conceive. That's quite remarkable, especially as many became pregnant within just 3 months of trying. Recent studies also show that Natural Cycles can be as effective as using the pill so if on the other hand you would like a break from contraception without pregnancy as a result, it's a reliable alternative.

How does it work?

Each morning a woman is required to take just a few seconds to record her temperature (under her tongue) and input the details into the app. You will receive a free thermometer if you subscribe to the app for a full year so you don't even need to worry about purchasing one. This, along with tracking her period, enables the apps unique algorithm to help an individual to identify when they are ovulating and their fertile window so they know exactly when they should, or shouldn't, have sex.

The more you track the more accurate your ovulation prediction becomes.

Dr Elina Berglund says “The success of Natural Cycles depends on its algorithm. We’ve called the algorithm Alba (after our daughter) and it’s unique because it has collected data from hundreds of thousands of cycles. This means we can adapt to each individual woman’s body and, with a high degree of precision and accuracy, determine when she is ovulating.”

The app is easy to download via the iTunes or Google stores and very simple to navigate. I've been using it for a few weeks and it has quickly become part of my daily routine. I just pop in the relevant data and if I'm fertile on a specific day then the cycle date will be circled in red, green if not, making it clear whether sex should be on the agenda for me.

Upon registering you enter some basic details which include your height, weight, date of birth, last known cycle information and whether you intend to track your fertility or plan a pregnancy. Then you're ready to begin. You can of course change these details if you later decide that you are ready to try for a baby or vice versa. You can even get a free month trial to see how it works for you before committing which I really appreciated - it's good to try before you buy.

I have been on the pill for many years to prevent pregnancy but I decided to have a break from it to test the app. I felt as though tracking the signs my body provides with Natural Cycles would be sufficient to prevent a bundle of joy, for the time being, and it has been successful in doing so. This is now a method that I intend to use for the foreseeable future as I feel it can be trusted well and it has also given me a much better understanding of my body, something I've not experienced before.

Natural Cycles is offering women in the UK a refund if they don’t conceive in the first 9 months of use as well as 50% off a yearly subscription by visiting and inputting this code (valid until 31 December): MiniMesNC

What contraception do you use? Did you conceive easily?
Would you use the app?

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  1. Maria Rogers16/12/2016, 23:03

    I could always tell when I was ovulating, I could feel it!

  2. What a great idea, a very handy app to have! Nice review thanks

  3. Hannah farri17/12/2016, 19:08

    Would love to win

  4. This is an easier option than the ovulation tests, and I like the money back guarantee!

  5. This app seems quite ha su if you're having trouble conceiving, it only took me a month of trying for my 1st child and and about 2 months for my 2nd but it's a shame it doesn't happen for everyone this way. I will definitely recommend this to my friend is trying to conceive at the moment

  6. There really is an app for everything

  7. Sounds really useful...but can't help thinking about those movies where your phone buzzes at the most inappropriate times. x

  8. This is an extremely clever use of technology!


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