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13 May 2024

Summer Snack Ideas for Kids

With summer on the horizon we will soon see the return of regular dining al fresco, BBQs and picnics at the park but deciding what is best for little ones to eat can be tricky at times. 

Getting the balance right when the kids may be fussy to feed can be difficult but hopefully these healthy snack suggestions will help...

Get Creative

Letting the kids join in when it's time to prepare and cook meals can often encourage them to try new foods. Pizza is a great way to be creative in the kitchen and if you let them help make the dough and add the toppings they may select some vegetables without persuasion as the bright colours can be so appealing. Pizza is delicious served hot or cold, it's very versatile, so you can eat it immediately or pop it into your wicker baskets to take out with you on your travels. If you're in a hurry you can save time by using muffins, baguettes or tortillas as bases and if you want to sneak some extra goodness in make your own tomato sauce.

Dunkin’ Fun

Finger foods are always a favourite as they are fun to devour. Fill some mini plastic tubs with carrot, celery, bread and cucumber sticks along with strips of different coloured pepper then whisk up a few dips like ranch, hummus and yogurt - Pinterest is great for inspiration! This is a great idea for those travelling as a family this summer as it’s relatively mess free but if you need some additional ideas created this blog post on car snacks for kids which is certainly worth a read!

Pick Your Own

If you're planning on heading to the local fields to pick some fresh fruits this season make sure you save some for skewers - these are a much healthier alternative to ice cream yet the kids will really enjoy eating them from sticks. You can cut the slices into different shapes, add in some cheese or marshmallows to vary the flavours and even melt a little dark chocolate for dipping if you wish.

Drink Up

Another great way to get the kids consuming their five a day, or more, is in the form of a smoothie. The pretty colours and thick consistency can often be a distraction to the super healthy content and with a funky straw, cute umbrella or character cup to drink out of they will be keen to give them a go. On really hot days you can also freeze them to form lollies which will allow them to cool down without any nasties.

Make Your Own

Crisps are often filled with salt so you can create your own by slicing sweet potatoes thinly and baking them to make homemade chips - then add a seasoning of your choice. You can do the same with apple, beetroot or root vegetables, whichever you have available.

Do you have any suggestions to add to the list?

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  1. I'm lucky enough my kids love fruit but some great ideas here on different ways to get the required amount ❤️

  2. I freeze Innocent smoothie into homemade healthy ice lollies.

  3. Great ideas, the kids eat a lot of fruit already but always happy for them to eat more.


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