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31 July 2017

Exciting Ways to Upgrade Popular Wedding Traditions

We pass wedding traditions down from generation to generation. Some wedding traditions still exist because of superstition. Others exist to help provide valuable life lessons. And yet a few others are boring traditions that are no longer relevant and seem quite unimportant to today’s modern wedding.

In fact, many weddings taking place in this day and age will alter formerly popular wedding traditions to help meet the needs of the guests and the happy couple. Still, there are a few wedding traditions that have gone by the wayside and disappeared altogether.

Today, we’ll take a look at seven popular wedding traditions and tell you how they’ve been upgraded to make them more modern or disregarded entirely.

7 Popular Upgraded Wedding Traditions

  • White wedding dresses - the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress first originated in 1840 when Queen Victoria chose to wear a white wedding dress when she married Prince Albert. Although this is a long-held tradition, many brides have decided to finally let it go by the wayside since white is often harsh on certain skin tones. The future brides to be are now choosing shades that they find more flattering like champagne and ivory. For brides that enjoy the wilder side of life, they often choose colours like light blue, blush, and peach for added oomph!
  • Tossing the bouquet - traditionally, the bride would toss the bouquet to all of the single ladies in attendance. This tradition is slowly beginning to dissolve since many brides prefer not to put their single friends on display during the wedding reception. Many brides are now presenting the bouquet to a special woman in her life like her grandmother or the woman in her life who has been married the longest.
  • Leaving early for honeymoon - the couple would leave in the middle or by the end of the wedding reception in order to catch a late plane or ship to one of popular modern honeymoon destinations such as Orange County. However, more and more couples are starting to leave for their first married voyage 1-3 days after the ceremony, in order to settle any loose ends with the venue or just enjoy the entire reception and relax before departing.
  • Giving away the bride - in this tradition, the father is supposed to give away his daughter to the person that she intends to marry. In the past, daughters were actually considered property of their father. We are much more forward thinking and independent today. So some brides now have both parents escort them down the aisle as they walk together side-by-side. At the end, the bride then chooses to give herself away.
  • Traditional wedding photography - many brides and grooms no longer feel that it’s necessary to hire a traditional wedding photographer for this important event. Instead, they are opting to have guests take digital pictures with their smart phones and other electronic devices to capture the special moments. Then they ask their guests to share the pictures on social media using apps like Wedding Party, which they can then use to collect all of the pictures.
  • Paying for the wedding - in the past, the bride’s parents were expected to pay for the wedding. In modern times, the bride and groom are usually responsible for paying their own way. Free fundraising is one fantastic solution that many couples are using to raise money to pay for their dream wedding.
  • Traditional wedding registries - the days of signing up with a traditional wedding registry are suddenly slipping away. Many couples prefer to use Honeyfund or similar websites to receive financial contributions so they can go on the perfect honeymoon in lieu of getting traditional wedding gifts.

Clearly, many popular wedding traditions have either been dismissed entirely or completely upgraded. If you’re thinking about changing certain traditions for your wedding, please use this list as a guide.

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  1. Wedding Traditions do seem to have changed quite a bit over the years. It seems sensible that the couple be responsible for their own wedding costs. As nowadays many parents may not have access to finances due to Economic Climate, Austerity, Care Costs, Etc, Etc, Etc. Yet both men and women can work nowadays, so seems courteous and respectful that they should share the costs.

    Rachel Craig

  2. I think we've got to a stage where 'Traditional White Weddings' have started to become so rare they are actually quite cool ;)

  3. I can recall years ago :- My brother had married. His first marriage, and his then wife's second. They had had a party in the local community centre. Sister in Law said they had wished they could stay and enjoy the party, as guests seemed to be having a wonderful time, we were. When they returned home, my brother fell asleep ( probably due to all the excitement prior to the wedding, and the busy wedding day). As couples often have some time before leaving for honeymoon, seems a good idea for them to maybe leave party, and change into more comfortable clothes, and then later return to party. Thereby being able to relax and enjoy the full evening venue if they so wish.

    Rachel Craig

  4. I think casual clothes is a good idea. It can get a bit messy after all.

  5. Seems many Traditions for the Life Events have gone / changed. There seems to be so much choice in regards to :- Births :- Natural, Caesarean and planned, Home, Hospital, Birthing Unit, etc.Christening/s / Naming Ceremony, Deaths :- Hospital, Home, Hospice, Funeral Service :- Religious, Humanist, Momentoes, Burial, Cremation, Viewing, Visitation,etc. Marriage, Cival Ceremony, Religious, Humanist, etc,etc.

    Seems maybe we should consider reviewing options/ choices. As may want to be carrying out personal wishes / preferences. For Birth there are Antenatal classes, lots of information available from many sources.
    Christenings :- Information via Church Minister, etc. Naming Ceremony :- Registry Office likely to be source of information.
    Death :- Maybe we should have discussion with loved ones, and GP, Doctor. Recording our preferences seems to be appropriate and considerate.
    Funeral :- There are Funeral Plans at a cost. We could make a record of our wishes / preferences.

    It seems that it is by sharing our stories and experiences of these Life Events that we become aware of options/ choices, etc and this can assist us in making decisions in regards to our own wishes /preferences. Also we do not live in isolation, we live within Communities etc.That sharing our plans can allow and enable others to continue to show their love, concern, compassion, etc by being included / involved in the various aspects of our life. We live in multicultural Enviroments and wish to live harmoniously around our neighbours, family, friends, etc. Life Events tend to acknowledged by those who are involved with us through friendship, neighbourliness, family connection, colleagues and ex-colleagues, etc. Seems considerate to share plans and reasons for such :- Whether they be Tradition/s, Cultural, Religious Belief, Faith, Personal Preferences, Etc.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Great ideas for grooms/brides to-be

  7. Things change so much, cash seems to be the gift of choice these days

    1. In the past it was the guest who chose gift for the couple. Wedding lists started some years ago, and yes as you say couples nowadays do tend to ask for, or suggest a present of cash. I wonder where these changes came from, as we seem to get lots from America.

      It seems frequent that individuals ask / request cash gift. This was unheard of generations ago, and would have been viewed as impolite, inconsiderate, even rude. As we we were encouraged to be grateful for anything that we received :- As " It is the thought, or goodwill that counts as important".

      Rachel Craig

  8. A thought provoking post, Emma. And I agree with Anonymous that we should rethink how we manage all significant life events. .

  9. I believe there are / were traditions regarding gifts from Bride / Groom for Best Man, Matron of Honour, Bridesmaids,Etc. Any information regarding these :- When, What and Why, etc? I would have thought it was to show /express gratitude. "It is Nice to be Nice". Nice to also involve youngsters within family and friends, and always nice to give them a little treat / thank you / momento of the day.( Paige Boy, Flower Girl)

    Rachel Craig

  10. Never really put much thought into wedding traditions, so really interesting to read this! Have noticed that a lot of the older traditions do seem to be disappearing... Something to think about when I plan my own I guess! (far in the future haha!)


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