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30 August 2019

Making the Perfect Arts and Crafts Space for your Child

It’s important that you encourage your children to be creative – as it has many benefits for them. It can help them to develop their social skills as well as to develop mentally and emotionally. It can also be a great way for them to learn how to problem solve. They will be learning without even knowing it. They will count colours, develop motor skills by using a paintbrush and more. Here we discuss how you can create the perfect arts and crafts space for your child.

Get them Excited about it

Let them know that you are going to have a place that is specifically designed for them to enjoy arts and crafts. Involve them in planning out some of the activities that you can enjoy together and let them see some of the fun things they could be working on. Make it sound exciting so it’s somewhere they want to be.

Create a Designated Space

Let’s face it – arts and crafts can be a little on the messy side. That’s why if possible, you should create a space that’s not within your home or near anything that you don’t want covered in paint! Outside is always a great way to go. You could create a craft room in a summer house, or alternatively you could invest in something that’s a little more long-lasting that could have enough space to be multi-purpose like a steel building. If this is of interest, you can take a look at the leading provider Armstrong Steel where you can customise sizes, colours, windows etc.

Let them Help Decorate the Space

They will be much more inclined to use the space if they have had a say in how it’s decorated. Do they have a favourite cartoon character, or movie? Make sure it’s designed with them in mind. If they have a colour that they love, that that’s the main theme. You should also bring some of their home comforts in there too. Maybe have a few cuddly toys, or a favourite blanket they may have. Decorating the space could be a fun project in itself and get them excited about taking part.

Prepare for Mess

If you are going to be doing painting, or crafts that involve gluing etc – then be realistic that this could involve some mess. You should have aprons at the ready and ensure that any furniture that you pick out is suitable to be wiped-clean. The same goes for the flooring. For example, a carpet may not be the best option for a creative space. Wooden or linoleum flooring would most likely work best.

Let the Fun Begin

There are lots of different art and craft activities that you can enjoy with your child. You can find them on social channels like YouTube and Pinterest. It doesn’t need to be an expensive ongoing activity either, you can get some art supplies for kids that don’t cost a lot of money – particularly if you buy in larger volumes.

If you are looking to encourage your kid to be more involved in arts and crafts, creating a dedicated space could be the best way to get them interested.

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  1. It's a great idea for children to have a dedicated space for arts and crafts where they can make a mess, it's so hard when they have to get everything out and then put things away again half completed because there's no place to leave it.

  2. Yes, making space available for arts and crafts is worthwhile. Outdoors can be great on occasions.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I love to do arts and crafts with the little ones, normally we do it outside weather permitting, but inside its normally on the dining table as no room for just their arts space

  4. My children always loved arts and crafts, I am hoping my first grandchild (due any day now) loves it too!

  5. I love the suggestion of getting the children to help prepare and decorate their craft space.

  6. I wish we had the space to create a crafty space. We have always used the outside dining table and laid a sheet over the top. My daughters love being crafty.

  7. I'm decorating at the moment and your post has prompted me to think about how I can move things around to fit in a suitable space for crafts.

  8. Arts and Crafts can be fun, and entertaining.

    Rachel Craig


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