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09 August 2019

Your Wedding Aesthetic: Why It's Important And How To Choose One

Let’s not beat around the bush - wedding planning can be a bit of a slog. Between finding a venue, working out a guest list, choosing your dress, and deciding on wedding flowers, there can be a seemingly endless list of things to do in preparation for your big day. Another critical step is settling on a wedding aesthetic. This is essentially the overall style of your wedding, which represents the look and feel you want for your big day, incorporating decorations, colour palette, and dress code. By tying all these elements into one wider design narrative, your wedding will have a cohesive feel which embodies you and your partner’s styles and personalities. They could be broader themes, whether rustic, vintage, or whimsical, or even something zanier and more specific - perhaps take ideas from the fantasy world of The Wizard of Oz or the opulence of
Marie Antoinette.

But with so many things to consider, it can be difficult to make up your mind on a single aesthetic, let alone bring it to life. Here are a few things to bear in mind as you try to make a decision...

Be mindful of the season you’re marrying in

Although your wedding aesthetic doesn’t have to be defined by the season, the time of year you choose to get married can certainly save you time trying to work out some of the smaller details. For instance, you may want a red and orange colour palette if tying the knot in the autumn. Your dress code will also be influenced by season - a full tuxedo in the summer isn’t practical (not to mention very sweaty). And as with the colour of your clothes, the shades of your flower arrangements and decorations will also be affected by the time of year. One thing you will definitely want however, to ensure you capture some amazing imagery to treasure whatever the season or weather, is a photo booth. Try Googling "Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth" or your location to find the nearest one.

Some aesthetics are going to be completely season-dependent. Take a beach-themed wedding, for example - are you really going to think about busting out the bikini and flip flops if your ceremony is booked for December? The time of year could also affect whether you marry inside or outside, although the colder months don’t necessarily preclude an outdoors ceremony if you hire a marquee and some heaters. 

Take your venue into consideration

Perhaps the most important part of picking your aesthetic is making sure it matches your venue. The type of venue in which you choose to marry will seriously impact the atmosphere you create. For example, a lavish high-ceilinged ballroom is more suitable for a formal wedding aesthetic, but luxury decorations won’t necessarily look right in a rural barn setting.

Take the existing decorations into account - such as the lighting fixtures, flooring, and hardware finishes - and colour scheme of your venue, then work around these. Your colour palate is a particularly crucial component of a consistent and appealing aesthetic, but shouldn’t be made too diverse. As explained by London wedding florists Blooming Haus: “Colour is one of the most important design tools. We advise choosing only two main colours...too many without bridging creates chaos.” This could lead to garish multicoloured schemes and hideous clashes.

Make sure it represents you

Your wedding aesthetic should be an extension of you and your partner’s day-to-day style. Think about things like your dress sense, style icons, home decor, any cultural or religious influences, and the features you both gravitate towards. Defining the elements that make up your personal styles can give you the inspiration to create the aesthetic you want.

For instance, you might notice that you both subconsciously add similar knick knacks to your shelves when decorating your home, or that you’re naturally drawn to bold patterns in your clothing. Looking through your wardrobe may also show you that you lean towards a certain colour. Recognising personal preferences like these can help you decide on a winning wedding aesthetic.

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