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29 October 2019

How To Make A Small Room Seem Bigger

Many of us have a small room, which is essentially a dumping ground for “stuff” so why not
transform your box room into a spare bedroom, office or snug? You just need to declutter and add a lick of paint to brighten up the space. You could also invest in a modern Scandi light for a touch of trendiness.

Paint the walls light colours
When painting a smaller room, you want to open up the space with light colours, such as whites and pastels. This will make the room feel more spacious and airier.

Darker colours will only make the room feel boxy and claustrophobic. You want to bring light into the room, not take it away.

Use hidden storage
It’s time to get crafty with your storage techniques. Floor to ceiling wardrobes are a great option for utilising space and hidden storage under the bed is a life saver.

Opt for furniture with multiple purposes. Invest in some wooden baskets to put under
the bed or your window seat. There is no need to take up extra space with large drawers when you can secretly tuck away items.

Stylish lighting
Lighting can make a world of difference when decorating a smaller room. Try out Cox and Cox’s Scandi-inspired ceiling lights to illuminate the room with a modern twist. A vintage ceiling light can add character to any room without taking up floor space. Genius!

Create a light illusion with a large mirror on one of your bedroom walls. You can easily expand your small space with the reflection of a mirror. It doesn’t cost too much either. It also makes the perfect makeup and hair station!

It is time to feng-shui your home and declutter all those unnecessary knick-knacks. While a few candles add a sense of ambiance, countless ornaments will crowd your space and make dusting a whole lot harder.

Have you got any tips on making a space appear larger?


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  1. Some great tips. My son's room is small and we have just painted it white - the difference is amazing so much bigger just by brightening it up!


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