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26 November 2019

5 Things To See And Do In Canada

If you're seeking a holiday destination with breathtaking views composed of beautiful lakes and snow-capped mountains Canada is the place to go. There's plenty to explore and so much to keep you occupied during your visit that you will probably be booking your return trip before you've even left! 

Here are a few of our favourite things to see and do whilst there...

Things to see and do in Canada Banff National Park
Banff National Park

There's no doubt you will enjoy a trip to Canada with so many uninhabited natural spaces to witness. Niagara Falls is one of the most popular attractions, with around 14 million visitors each year, and it's not surprising to see why. These 3 iconic waterfalls are based between the province of Ontario and the state of New York. There are boat tours to get up close to the water, the Rainbow Bridge to venture across and also exciting tunnel trips to view the Horseshoe Falls (the largest) from behind. You can even book a helicopter ride above for some amazing photography opportunities.

With over 50 acres of land, available to access all year round, Butchart Gardens is a great attraction in Central Saanich. The variety of colours and aromas will captivate your senses regardless of the season or weather - with winter having the addition of an ice rink for skating and a carousel to ride. This is an ideal place for festive family fun with the pretty lights and decorations at the moment.

Banff National Park is Canada's first and flagship park of the nation. Situated in the Rocky Mountains it's abundant in wildlife and perfect for animal lovers along with those that like to hike - there are plenty of walking and horse riding tours to get involved with. If you prefer something more leisurely you may wish to take the gondola with wraparound windows up to the Sulphur summit where you will find amazing panoramic views.

Things to see and do in Canada Niagra Falls
Niagra Falls

Capilana Suspension Bridge in Vancouver hangs at 230ft above and 450ft across the Capilana river. It's set in over 25 acres of land with picturesque canyon and forest surroundings where you can explore nature and history during your visit and learn about ecosystems. The newest attraction to the area is the Cliffwalk which allows you to take a stroll (around 300ft off the ground) along the cliff side of granite but there's also the Treetop Adventure to partake in too. It's certainly not for the faint hearted but it will definitely be a memorable experience.

If you prefer to spend a couple of hours in one place and then move elsewhere for the afternoon or evening it will probably be worth booking several tours rather than day trips to make the most of your time. You could pick a half day of whale watching and then head out on a safari afterwards or try a grouse mountain expedition before moving on to stargazing or a winery to enjoy a glass or two. Canada really has something for everyone and it should definitely be on your travel wish list.

Have you been to Canada? What would you add to the list?


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