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20 November 2019

Winter Day Out Ideas for the Family

Winter can be a tricky time to find things to do with the family. The weather gets colder, and often wetter, and you’re just not too keen on leaving the house. There are however some fun things you can do and I’m going to share a couple of them with you in this post...

Grab your bikes… or trikes
If you’re willing to brave the outdoors, there are some great places you can head to and take your bikes or trikes with you. Often bikes can be quite hard to transport but you should look at a folding tricycle. These are, as you’d expect, three wheeled so are sturdier on tough terrain. They also fold away nicely for easy storage, with adults and kids’ versions available. Heading to the countryside gets them out and about, burning off some energy and gets fresh air into their lungs. Taking bikes or trikes out is also seen as more fun than walking and you can cover longer distances. There’s some great locations across the UK, you just need to check the weather forecast and pack accordingly before you head out!

Visit your local museum
The weather is likely to be damp most of the time, so when time outdoors isn't very inviting why not head over to your local museum? There are loads all over the country and if you’re willing to go a bit further afield, you’ll find some real hidden gems. Kids absolutely love exploring museums and they can learn so much from a visit. You never know, you might learn something new along the way too! There’s everything from trains to local history to mines and electricity - do a bit of research to find out.

Winter Day Out Ideas for the family

Head to a shopping centre
With Christmas almost upon us, you may want to look at taking the family out to a shopping centre.
More often than not your kids can meet Santa whilst they’re there which gives them an incentive to go and you can also get most of your shopping done well in advance. Little ones will also get to see the festive lights and displays which they will no doubt love and with many shops having seasonal food and drinks you may be able to try some on your travels.

Go bowling or to the movies
There are some great films out at Christmas time, with the most popular probably being either Frozen
2 or the new Star Wars movie. Kids love trips to the cinema and they’re particularly great in inclement weather when you have nothing to do at home yet frustrated kids needs entertaining. You could also take them bowling, this burns off some of their energy and is a great family activity that everyone can enjoy.

These are some of my top ideas for days out this winter. Have you have any other ideas to add to the list -  I’d love to hear your suggestions.



  1. Museums are a brilliant place to visit in Winter, because less people do go out, so they tend to be relatively empty and the staff are pleased to see you and tell you about everything!

    1. It's always lovely to avoid the crowds at Christmas for a little while!


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