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31 January 2020

Quick and Easy Tips for Taking Care of your Tyres in Winter

As the winters in Scotland are really long, taking care of your tyres is a must especially when you’re taking your car out too frequently. Local areas like Stirling have busy traffic and being stuck on the road with a flat tyre won't be a pleasant experience. So with the weather being all chilly and snowy, we all need to know a few quick tips to keep our tyres in a good condition these winters! Here’s a few you can easily follow:

Make sure your tyres are clean

This seems like a simple one but cleaning your tyres in winters can be very hard yet very important. Cleaning your tyres after every few weeks will reduce the chances of tyre damage and corrosion as cleaning will remove all the dirt, salt and snow. Not to forget, you will be easily able to locate any punctures or other damages on your tyres when they’re clean!

Look out for any damages

As your tyres will always be covered in snow or dirt it will be difficult to locate damages and punctures on your tyres. After making cleaning a habit, make sure to always check your tyres for any type of punctures, cuts, bulges and cracks. Since in winters we’re always driving in snow, it’s difficult to look out for things on road that can harm your tyres therefore checking your tyres after going back home should not be missed.

Check your Tyre Thread

It is important to check your thread depth to make sure that you’re not travelling with worn out tyres. To reduce the chances of accidents, it is advisable to opt for 3mm thread depth in winters rather than the usual 1.6mm. If you feel like your tyres are worn out, it’s better to replace them with new ones to ensure safety on road. Let's take the instance of Stirling, you can find the info of many local autocentres online. But one good recommendation for buying tyres especially in Stirling is Fife Autocentre

Precaution is better than cure

Before heading out, make sure to check the weather forecast first. Look out for every road condition, storm or hazard that can cause harm to you and your vehicle. Look out for alternative safer routes to protect yourself and people travelling with you.

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