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30 March 2020

Car Cleaning and Tyre Tips

Today the majority of us are well aware of the new COVID -19 virus, and to keep ourselves protected we know we have to wash our hands frequently and ensure the things around us are disinfected as much as we can.

There are also other things we need to keep a note of; we know that after the lockdown is lifted there is a high probability that roads will get busy due to an increase in spending. To face such a situation, we should keep our car prepared by doing the following necessary checks...

Fuel Saving through balanced tyre pressure
We need to make sure that our vehicle performs well during this expected busy period and in case of unpredicted traffic on the roads. For that, it's recommended that you use quality tyres. The right type of tyres will also have well-balanced air pressure. By ensuring that tyres are not over inflated or under inflated you can actually save money - unbalanced tyres can use 6 times more fuel! 

Once the lockdown is lifted, areas like London are predicted to have road congestion. In case you are hunting for new tyres you can visit this website Iverson Tyres in London. They have good customer reviews and you can even book online without any advance payment.

The interior
Another very important point is to keep the car interior clean and tidy. You can use anti-bacterial detergents, like the products that you may already have at home under the sink, to disinfect the inside of the car frequently. Don't forget to use wipes on any regularly touched surfaces like the steering wheel, leather seats, gear stick, window switches and handbrake too. If you use public transport you're advised to carry hand sanitiser and avoid touching your face.

The exterior
Since the windscreen of the car is a large part of the outer surface it's possible that it has come into contact with harmful material. Make sure you use household detergents, mainly anti-bacterial cleaners to remove any dirt or germs. It is also important that you properly clean the wiper blades to remove any dust or debris. Clean the door handles after each journey you make to help keep your hands protected as much as possible too.

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