06 February 2012

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 Review

Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD
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You know you won't have an easy ride with Jillian Michaels the coach from The Biggest Loser and this workout DVD is no exception. But the saying 'no pain, no gain' is so very true and if you put the hard work in you will get the results, and fast.

This DVD is split into 3 sections; level 1, 2 and 3 which increase in difficulty as you go through each stage. Dont be fooled and assume level 1 is therefore easy - it's far from that! It's wise to begin at level 1 regardless of your ability (you could be an athlete or 500lb) to get used to the moves and to prevent injury. Build up and when you feel ready move on to the other sections.

The first time I completed it I felt exhausted but my determination to lose weight and look good for the summer spurred me on aswell as the great sense of achievement you gain upon completing it (while you slump in the chair rosey cheeked and panting with a cool glass of water afterwards!). I'd tried The 30 Day Shred and Killer Buns and Thighs which I had enjoyed despite being tough and this DVD has an identical layout with the 3,2,1 system but with a variety of new moves.

Each 20 minute workout consists of 3x 3 minute strength sections, 3x 2 minute cardio sections and 3x 1 minute ab sections with a warm up and cool down. 20 minutes may not be a long time to exercise but you can definately feel it afterwards, especially the following day when you first begin. It's probably a lot more intense than what you may be used to when purchasing other cardio workouts to do at home which can drag on for an hour but its worth it. You do get the results you want if you stick with it as Jillian promises, however much you want to give up at times.

Jillian teams smaller muscle exercises with bigger muscle group exercises to ensure you are working hard and burning as many calories as possible in a short space of time. She is joined by two women Shelly and Basheera for the workout. If you are a beginner you can follow Shelly for slightly easier, modified moves but if you really want to push yourself you can follow Basheera. Their slim and toned bodies encouraged me to continue - they look how I want to!

You will need a drink to hand, mat and hand weights for the workout. If you dont have any for now then the carpet and bottles of water or tins can be used as alternatives. I would invest and try to make sure exercising becomes a part of your life style that you fit in regularly. Too many times I've moaned about my weight, spent a few days eating better and increasing exercise to just give up when I've not lost a stone in a week (as a lot of us have I'm sure) but I want to stay focused and you should too and I'm setting myself realistic goals.

I often become disheartened when I only lose a lb when I feel like I've worked hard but this DVD combined with eating healthier does work, I've only been doing it a few days and I feel stronger and fitter already. I'm looking forward to feeling super confidence come July when the sun is out and so are my legs! I can picture a little bikini with my name on. Not in a few weeks but in the near future and I can't wait.


  1. I have done the 30 shred, I enjoyed it, I was thinking about trying this one, would you say it's easier or harder? Xx

  2. I like these workouts where you can do a small amount each day.


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