10 February 2012

Snow without children is like Christmas without presents!

Seeing the kids eyes widen and their little rosey cheeked faces light up at the site of snow is incredible to a parent. It usually makes me forget how much I detest the white fluffy stuff that makes me shake in my wellies and I think about sledging, snowball fights and building snowmen (and women) instead.

However, the weekend just gone the snow arrived and I was left feeling just as cold inside as it was out. The kids were at their dads house for the weekend and I felt disappointed that they weren't about for us to enjoy it together for the first time.

Being quite a big kid at heart I decided to put my coat on (hooded top, hat, wellies and gloves too) and head out in it anyway. I didn't want to waste the day stopping in being miserable so I thought I'd get stuck in and build the family in snow form... that even included the dog!

I ended up being outside for about 4 hours having snowball fights and chatting to passers by that thought my creations were surprisingly quite good with their pink hair (shredded paper). There's something about snow that brings people together and the idea that I was burning calories too did help! I ended up with myself, the mini mes, my partner and the poochie all standing proudly lined up outside my windows and door.

Upon the kids return at 5pm they were amazed and seeing their faces at this point rather than first thing made up for it completely. They giggled and smiled at their own replica and we then enjoyed making another in the back garden in the dark together and going for a wintery walk across the field.

5 days on they still remain (despite melting slightly) and next time when it snows and the kids aren't about I shall definately do similar... for the sake of them, the neighbours and my mission to lose weight!


  1. I couldnt Agree more.... Xmas with kiddies makes it all the more magical and brings out the child in us parents :)

  2. Lovely pictures! My kids love the snow too, I'm not such a big fan, I don't mind it for about an hour an then I want it to go away! I'm writing this on a warm day in August, lol


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