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27 April 2012

Listography - Top 5 wishes for my child

This weeks Listography Challenge provided by Kate Takes 5 is to select my top 5 wishes for my child. Similar to Sleeping Beauty who had 3 Fairy Godmothers, we are to imagine our little ones have 5 instead, each offering a wish - how awesome would that actually be!

Health and Happiness
This one goes without saying really. When their little eyes light up and a big smile appears across their face it's so lovely to see and it makes me happy knowing that they are. I wish they live happily regardless of what they choose to do and where they go as they grow. Being healthy fits in there too. The odd cough or cold can be dealt with but I wish they don't suffer with anything severe that causes them long term pain or suffering.

What area they achieve their success in is up to them but I wish that whatever goals they set they reach and any targets they make they meet. I want them to know I am proud of them always and if wealth comes with their success that's just a bonus!

I wish that they are able to say no to others if they don't agree, I don't want them to be little sheep and follow the crowd. I want them to look after themselves and their bodies, eating well and exercising too and I don't want them to take any rubbish, from anyone. I wish they are strong individuals both in mind and body.

Finding the perfect partner
To be loved by someone and to feel love for someone else is incredible. The butterflies you get, that warm feeling in your tummy when you meet 'the one' is so magical and I hope my Mini Mes meet someone that they adore and would do anything for.... Preferably someone that accepts them for who they are, is funny, can cook, clean and do DIY. I don't ask for too much, honest!

They get to travel
I want them to explore, see the world and have a fabulous time doing so. Maybe learning new languages on the way while seeing amazing sites and trying new food and new experiences. Holidays are some of the best times and I have wonderful memories from trips I have been on. I want them to make lovely memories too.

If you could bestow 5 wishes on your child what would they be? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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