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01 May 2012

A treasure hunt... for me!?

Yesterday was my birthday (yay) and although I hate the fact I'm getting older (Is 27 old?) I do get quite excited about presents, cake and getting lots of attention for one day!

The Mr starts work quite early so he wasn't there first thing but the kids came in to wake me around 7.30am shouting 'Happy Birthday' perhaps a little too loudly and carrying lots of lovely gifts and cards that they had chosen and the Mr had bought on their behalf. After opening them and the other bits and bobs I'd kindly received from family and friends I headed downstairs to get the kids breakfast and to get organised for the school run.

In the kitchen on the side there was a card for me from the Mr and under that a small piece of paper. Hmmm what was he up to? It was actually the first clue to a little treasure hunt around the house to find some more gifts - I thought it was so sweet of him and a lovely added surprise too! I ended up finding presents in the tumble dryer, dvd cabinets, printer and even in the boot of my car. He had really put some thought into it and I thought it was lovely that despite him working he had still been involved in making my birthday super special. My Kindle Touch in particular is awesome!

In the evening we had takeaway pizza for dinner and the kids were already deciding what flavour ice creams I should make first with my lovely new Ice Cream Maker that Jamster had chosen as his gift to me... He's a wise boy already, it's a present for me but beneficial to him too!

What flavours would you make - any ideas?
Has your partner done anything lovely as a surprise for you?

I made my collage over on piZap if anyone wants to give it a go - Thanks to I Heart Snapping for the tutorial!



  1. A belated very happy birthday from us!

    I shall resist commenting on 20 bloody 7, grrr... ;o)

    1. Aww thank you! :)

      Hahaha - I'm feeling old anyway, I think it's more a case of being a mum for 8 years already, it has flown! x


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