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09 May 2012

Kellogg's Mini Max Review

After spotting a post asking for families to test the new Mini Max cereal from Kellogg's I quickly applied (we go through cereal like hot cakes) and we were lucky enough to be sent not only one, but ten boxes of this lovely cereal to review - wowza! Now that took some serious cupboard reshuffling!

Upon their arrival I instantly wanted to take a peek inside so I opened a box and grabbed a few to scoff test. They are small squares, like parcels with a frosting/sugar coating on one side. Delicious and crunchy but with a sweet taste too, I found them to be very nice indeed. I was a little worried they would be dry and like cardboard in texture but I thoroughly enjoyed them and I've been having them for breakfast ever since.

The kids, like me, are rather nosey inquisitive so when I had collected them from school and they had seen my huge delivery they wanted to try some too. They were straight into the box like vultures grabbing large handfulls even for their tiny hands and they loved them - to the extent I had to say that was enough and remove the box before they would be too filled for dinner!

The following morning we tried the cereal in milk and they kept their shape well. They didn't go sloppy and the sweet layer remained attached and didn't dissolve away into the bowl. I've since had them with natural yogurt and a variety of fruit and they are nice with both also.

I had a look at the nutritional information and I was quite pleased that a 40g serving contains 148 calories (7% of the adult daily recommended amount) 7g of sugar and 0.8g of fat. They are filling and I don't have the urge to snack mid morning.

I felt happy offering these to my children for breakfast as they not only liked the taste but they are made with wholegrain, are low in salt and high in fibre. I wasn't so keen that sugar was listed second in the ingredients list or that there is beef gelatin in them but overall I was pleased with the content and there are no E numbers to be found thankfully.

Kellogg's describe this cereal as :

'Just the right balance between a breakfast you will want to give them, and a taste they'll love'

which I completely agree with!

As we all enjoyed Mini Max and we were provided with a great number of boxes to sample, even the neighbours had some and they liked them too from their feedback, we no longer need to have lots of alternatives filling the kitchen shelves which is always a good thing (more space for my wine stash?)

There is a chocolate version available for the sweeter tooth too and with a RRP of £2.69 for a 560g box we feel it's good value - that's 14 servings per box!

If you would like more information on Kellogg's Mini Max you can head over to the Kellogg's website.

Have you tried it yet? What are your thoughts of breakfast cereal for children?

*I was sent Mini Max to review. My views are my own based on my experience of the product*


  1. Maya Russell19/05/2012, 09:05

    Thanks for the review. I don't like cereals with an added coating of sugar though!

  2. Thank you for the review!

  3. These look tasty - not too sugary for a cereal either.

  4. good review with so many cerals about its hard to choose which type to get thanks for the review


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