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10 May 2012

Naturally Powered Review

Being a mum I seem to spend a lot of time cleaning, cleaning and erm cleaning so when we were offered the chance to try some new concentrated non-bio laundry powder I jumped at the chance. Anything that may help to get dirt and spilt dinner out of clothes is always helpful!

The box we received was 800g which is enough for 13 washes based on a normal load with little soiling in medium hard water. The laundry powder comes within a bag inside the box and there is a small card cup with a 30g fill line supplied to use as a scoop.

I first noticed how mild the blue and white powder was in scent, it was still pleasant but not very strong.  It is made from plant-derived cleaning ingredients and is dermatologically tested though so it's skin friendly which is great!

I followed the detailed instructions on the rear of the box and loaded my machine ready for action.

After a 40 degrees wash I checked the variety of clothing and although it was nice and clean (thumbs up) it did lack a 'fresh' scent which I've come to expect. This happened again on a 15 degrees wash - the product website states will still provide 'brilliant results'. This may be good for those that don't like an over-powering smell on their clothing but personally I like my clothes to smell fresh after a wash. I was pleased however that there wasn't any residue left on the clothes from the powder which I've found has happened with alternative brands in the past.

The product is independent performance tested and supports the production of certified sustainable palm oil. The packaging is card and therefore recyclable - bonus.

For more information on this product you can head over to Naturally Powered's website.

Available at £3.50 from Tesco

*I was sent Naturally Powered to review. My views are my own based on my experience of the product*


  1. I agree I too love my washing to have that fresh smell on my clothing after it's washed!

  2. Interesting, not a brand I've come across.


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