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11 May 2012

RedaKai Review

My son is very much into game play and battling others, he's rather competitive like me, so when I saw that reviewers were required for RedaKai I thought it would definately appeal to him and I put myself forward *waves hand in the air*.

When the RedaKai X-Reader Starter Pack first arrived I thought perhaps it should be aimed at slighly older children from it's appearance (states 6+) but the instruction booklet is very informative, easy to follow and understand and it wasn't long until I was being pestered to play over and over!

RedaKai is a game of Kairu battle and is a 2 player duel. The pack contains 16 X-Drives, 7 bonus X-Drives and a two-in-one battlefield/storage case which stores yours X-Drives away securely when not being used. The X-Drives are a variety of warrior, monster and attack cards which are really amazing quality with 3d/holographic effects. I was very impressed with them as they are more plastic in material and robust which means they shouldn't get worn and torn so quickly and need replacing!

Set Up
Ideally each player will have their own set of X-Drives with a battlefield/storage case but we were sent one so we shared it between us to play. We each selected a character card (hero or villian) and placed it infront of us and we made a deck of cards each with a mixture of attack and monster cards within it.

Basic Game Play
You flip a coin to begin and each player takes it in turn to take the top card from their deck. If you draw a monster card you place it on top of your own character card and it can help to increase your defense and even heal damage from the other players attacks. If you draw an attack card you put it on top of your opponent's character card. If the attack cards power number is larger than the defenders combined defense zones the attack is classed as a hit and remains there. If your attack card is lower in power then you add it to your dicarded cards pile. The game ends when all three of a players damage zones are red (damaged) or when you run out of cards.

It's a short and simple game to play and Jamster really enjoys it. It took a few attempts to get the hang of it but he can play confidently now. He loves that the cards appear to move when tilted which is quite unique compared to alternative card games.

The kits RRP is £9.99 which is good value considering what is included and the high quality of the product and I think it would make a nice gift. I don't think it will be long until Jamster asks to top up his collection and I won't object to buying extras. He has already started watching the animated TV series that goes with it too!

After completing the basic game you can find out how to play more advanced versions by visiting the RedaKai website.


  1. Maya Russell26/05/2012, 06:18

    Looks like a different, interesting game. Thanks for the review.

  2. My son would love this and would probably pick it up straight away, looks a little complicated for me, lol

  3. This is quite an interesting game. looks fun and reasonably priced too.


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