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27 June 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

Yay! A nomination for the Beautiful Blogger Award! Many thanks to Catch a Single Thought for picking me, I'm quite proud of how my blog is looking already and I'm thrilled that somebody else thinks it looks nice too!

In order to accept this award I have to do the following:-

1. Thank the person who gave it to you and link back to their blog.
2. Tell seven facts about yourself.
3. Nominate seven worthy people for the award and let them know.

Seven Facts About Me

1) I'm 6ft with a 34" inside leg! I never wear heels and I often get asked by people in Tesco to reach things off the top shelves for them... funny how I don't ask shorter people to bend to get things off the low shelves for me though ;)

2) I play darts. Bit of a random hobby for a woman but especially a young one I'm told. I really enjoy it though, my parents started off and I gradually got involved with it too and I now play for a ladies team.

3) I am terrified of crane flies - eek! There is something about them that really scares me *blush*.

4) I have never broken a bone and I don't have any fillings. Quite rare for someone in their late twenties I imagine. Hopefully writing this wont now mean I fall down the stairs and shatter like glass!

5) I don't drink tea or coffee. Just water or juice for me.

6) I was in a car crash when pregnant and my car was written off. I still get back pain from it sometimes

7) I had planned a home birth with my son but he was born without a midwife present. She assumed my labour would be ages so didn't appear to be in any rush to arrive yet 2 hrs and 36 mins and he was born in the sac on the en suite bathroom floor!

My nominations for The Beautiful Blogger Award:

Hollybobbs - Butterflies and pink
Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three - Pretty birds and pastel colours
Crumbly Mummy - Fun and cute imagery
Two of Everything - Simplistic in colour yet beautiful photography
Love From Mummy - Nice layout and lovely buttons and badge
Dear Beautiful Boy - Stunning pictures
Ready Steady Mummy - Funky font and varied style in blog posts

Once you have written your post you can link it below in the comments to share if you like!


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  1. Thanks hon! I will try and get round to this a.s.a.p. If I don't do it, give me a nudge as my meme memory is notoriously bad! x


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