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26 June 2012

Time Tunnel #4

Take a peek at the songs, movies and news stories below and see if you can guess the correct year that they are from... no cheating!

Top Singles from the year:
Top movies from the year:


Top news stories from the year:
  • A nail bomb exploded in central London injuring over 60 and kiling 3.
  • Jill Dando was murdered.
  • 15,000 were killed after an Earthquake hit Turkey.
  • A former MI6 officer posted the names of 117 spies on the internet.
  • Manchester United won the FA Cup, European Cup and Premiership title.

Personal to me from this year:

I met the man I eventually had the Mini Mes with.

Can you guess the year?



  1. I want to say 1992 but surely it can't be that long ago.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. I think it was 2001 ish. Remember dancing to those tunes at underage parties;-)


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