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18 June 2012

Meal Planning Monday

We have been managing to stick to our planner so well the past few weeks and I'm really pleased with the kids efforts at eating their veg and potato (neither really like any form of potato, including chips!).

The Mr did the food shop again this week with a little input from the Mini Mes and I. He asked us to pick a meal each which we did and then he got some pizzas in as well which is a fav for everyone.

I'm still after a few slimming world recipes but I guess that needs organising in advance which I am yet to do. It gets to Sunday and I'm a bit 'errrm' when it comes to having the ingredient list ready, oops!

So what's on the agenda this week?

Monday - Meatball bolognaise
Tuesday - Pizza and salad
Wednesday - Salmon and Gnocchi bake
Thursday - Turkey fajitas
Friday - Fish, new potatoes and veg

Nothing particularly exciting on the menu and it's also quite similar to last week too but if it has meant I've avoided being rammed by trolleys in Tesco at the weekend I don't really object too much! I shall have a slightly more interesting planner next week... promise!

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  1. your salmon and gnocchi bake sounds really nice! and i love fajitas!! x

  2. They sound delicious :) I didn't like chips when I was a child either!

  3. I might give the salmon and gnocchi bake a whirl. Sound very nice.

  4. I love fajitas - haven't had them in ages because I don't think the children could negotiate the eating of them! Great that you can get your OH doing the food shop - I'd have no chance, or he'd come back with a random collection of things, none of which would create a single meal...


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