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18 June 2012

Monday Me #1

Monday Me is my new link up all about things for you. Not the kids or Mr  - just you time. Hopefully it will encourage or help you to have a break here and there! Me time is important afterall and sometimes the fact we are people and not just parents can be forgotten.

You can link up your posts about you at the bottom, these can be anything from a holiday, new course, pampering session, book review, meal out etc and I hope that you will then pop over to read other posts too. *Fingers crossed more than one person joins in!*

If you want to read a bit more about it you can here.

My Monday Me

New job
Last week I started a new job! I left my previous one as an Editors Assistant back in April after suffering with depression and having a bit of a break down eek. After a few weeks trying to find my mojo, seeking medical help and with some great support from family and friends I headed back out into the big wide world. I'm only doing a few hours at the moment but interacting with people again is really helping and being at a school the hours are super around the children... plus I will get the summer holiday off and not need to worry about childcare fees, bonus! It's given me a sense of achievement and I'm enjoying it so far.

Back on the diet

Yep. It needs to be done, pah! Ever since we went on holiday all inclusive last year my food intake has increased dramatically and I've barely been exercising. This of course has resulted in a not-so- attractive jelly belly and it's got to the point that it NEEDS to be shifted. I weighed myself this morning and I shall be calorie counting and exercising three times a week at home and increasing my walking. Hopefully I'll be able to report back next week that I've shredded a few pounds! I want a bikini body again.

Cheeky Spartan attacking the washing
Wonder of walking
Ever since we got Spartan, the puppy, back on New Years Day the Mr has taken him out for walks or all of us as a family. This week the Mr had his bike test (and passed) so he didn't get round to walking him in the morning. Therefore me and the poochie headed out just the two of us. I actually enjoyed it far more than I expected. It gave me time to think and just enjoy some peace and quiet walking through muddy fields and woods. I think I need to try this more often. It was very relaxing and I felt refreshed afterwards, even if covered in brambles!

What have you been up to this week for you?

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  1. I love your blog and I'm thrilled to join your linky, thanks for such a great idea. Emma at LLM Calling

    1. Thank you for joining in, I appreciate it :) x

  2. Love this Linky it's nice to get a little excuse to think about ourselves. I'm always surprised how much I love a walk, loathe the thought of it! x


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