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10 July 2012

The funny things they say and do

Wot So Funee?

The Mini Mes are forever coming out with one-liners that I find hilarious or drawing things that are unbelievably cute yet funny. I thought I would share a few from this week!

Minxy, at school while unpacking her reading book and pencil case from her bag, was appraoached by a boy in her class...

Boy: My friend has a crush on you!
Minxy: I soooo need to move school mum.

The look of absolute horror combined with disgust was priceless!

The ice cream van was outside playing its tune to summon all of the local children.

Jamster: Can I have an ice cream please mummy?
Me: I'm cooking dinner in a minute so not really little dude plus I've got some in the freezer already.
Jamster: You hate me don't you!

The crossed arms and scowl made me snigger, just a little bit.

Apparently this is someone jumping from a bouncy castle into the sun then onto a volcano. I love Jamster's imagination!

 What funny things do your little ones say and do?

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  1. I love how their reactions are so extreme! Thanks for joining in :)


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