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10 July 2012

Why... Meme

I've been tagged by newbie blogger Nikki over at The Girl Next Door to join in with the 'Why' meme. This meme enables you to share all of the questions you would love to ask your children. I wonder how many of these you have thought about too!

Here goes...

Why do you make even more noise when I've told you I'm on the phone?

Why do you say 'nothing' when I ask what you have done at school each day?

Why do you never want to get out of bed on a school day but get up early at the weekend?

Why do you thinking farting is hilarious?

Why do you always talk with your mouth full?

Why do you always call me upstairs to pass you your drink when it's literally within arms reach?

Why do you always ask me to sniff your hands when you have been to the toilet to smell the candyfloss handwash?

Why do you always tell me not to cut your toast in two then struggle to eat a huge slice?

Why do you say you hate me if I say 'no' to something?

Why do you make such a fuss to eat your vegetables?

I'm tagging a few people to join in, I'd love to hear what you would ask!

If you choose to create a post (or have already), pop back and add your url in the comment box and I'll pop over for a nosey!

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  1. loved it!
    Where do you get candyfloss handwash from? I want some, nevermind the kids :)

    1. Its cuticura and I got it in Savers... we have jelly bean scented one too! :) x

  2. Sounds just like my fiancé. Lol. Will defo do this tomorrow! X

  3. This has made me laugh so much. I've posted mine :)



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