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11 July 2012

Family sticker review

I love anything that's personalised so these adorable stickers from were ideal for our family. Designed for your car they are made from hard wearing, quality vinyl and they are quick to apply - yet easy to remove if you need to.

The website is quite basic but it's incredibly easy to navigate. You can select your family members (and pets) from a great variety of characters to suit you, add them to your cart and checkout within a matter of minutes. They are affordable and great value considering they will last for so long.

All of the stick people and animals arrive on one sheet which helps to ensure they are lined up straight when you attach them to your window. There is no sticky residue left behind or mess to clear up and it's really fast and simple to apply. The instructions provided are easy to follow.

I really like this idea and rather than using them on my car I decided to put them on the kitchen door for everyone to see.  I've already received comments about how lovely they are!

To order your own stickers you can click the logo below to be taken to the website.



  1. How cool are they? I've never heard of these before but will definitely be heading over to their website now! xxx

    1. I hadn't until recently but from the moment I saw them I felt I needed them - so cute! :) x

  2. Great idea! As I don't drive I'll have to also do alternative ideas def check them out x

  3. Thanks for this review; I've not seen these befor. I think they are great.


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