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16 August 2012

Flashback - Sport

laurensflashbackbadge1 When I was dinky in both age and height, I loved sport. From as far back as I can remember, I can see myself sat on my dad's bike while he rode around the block, down a huge hill, over and over - I'm not sure if it was for his benefit or our amusement!

I can think back to lower school and always doing well in sports day and P.E. I played for the Netball team and I continued to do so during middle school, being team captain and then moving on to play for my county. I loved basketball, hockey and football, any sport really, and I often attended training with my brother and dad despite feeling a little pushed out for being female.

In upper school I used my height, 6ft, to my advantage and I attended various events for running, high jump and hurdles representing my school and earning awards.

Sport was a large part of my life.... that was until I discovered boys!

I met the children's dad when I was almost 14 (we stayed together until I was 21) and my life changed from there. Sports were soon replaced with cinema trips, theme parks and eating out. I would not show up to training or bother with events due to having alternative plans which at the time seemed far more important. I fell pregnant at 18 and then again at 20 and since then I've never really done any sport bar attempting to lose weight at home with the cross trainer and various workout DVDs. I've probably never been as unfit as I currently am!

I do however LOVE one sport. When I started dating the Mr back in March 2009, for his birthday I purchased a gift voucher for a sporting day out. Ever since then both the Mr and I have thoroughly enjoyed a hobby together. It's not something that I do often due to the cost and pain however, we do enjoy it and go around twice a year.

It's paintballing!

A great way to meet new people, burn calories, have fun and work as a team. I'm quite a kamikaze to be honest which surprises most but I will run for flags and forts to help my team win despite injury!

You should give it a go, it's far better than I ever expected it would be. Looking back it's never something I would see myself doing but I really look forward to the next time we go.


  1. Ouch. That looks painfull! Have never tried pain balling but after seeing this I think I would be way too much of a wimp to go!!! Ha ha :) x

  2. I've always wanted to try paint balling but looking at those bruises I'm not so sure! xx


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