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16 August 2012

LEGO Friends

LEGO has always been well loved in our family. I used to love playing with it as a child with my siblings and as the Mini Mes have grown, LEGO has grown with them. They have moved from  larger DUPLO block sets as toddlers onto the more complex ones where they now build intricate vehicles and buildings by themselves.

I was so pleased when LEGO launched the Friends range at the end of 2011! The first range to be aimed specifically at girls, I bought several sets for Minxy's 8th birthday and we were lucky enough to have just received Olivia's Speedboat to review.

LEGO friends is based around the lives of 5 girls named Emma, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie and Olivia in their hometown of Heartlake City. Each character has their own unique personality and interests with matching play-sets to suit your child's own taste in hobbies.

The instruction manual included is a colour booklet with a step by step assembly guide making it simple to follow despite the number of pieces (65). It only took a matter of minutes for Minxy to put together Olivia, the sandcastle, speedboat and towel. Also included are an umbrella, shovel, cup and bucket for extra beach time fun.

The detailing of Olivia is fantastic for such a small figure and the new pastel shaded pieces in pinks and purples add a lovely feminine touch. The Friends range is still compatible with all other LEGO blocks so we could combine play with older sets too - Jamster soon had his Star Wars characters soaking up the sun with Olivia!

LEGO is a great construction and role play toy helping children develop their imaginations. Minxy thoroughly enjoyed, and still enjoys, playing with her Friends sets and making up little adventures for the characters. We will be adding more to our own collection very soon and we are looking forward to seeing the other new outdoor and adventure themes including horse riding, camping and flying!

If you would like to purchase Olivia's Speedboat set it is available to purchase from the LEGO shop for £9.99. You can head over to the LEGO website to find out more on the Friends collection and to play games too!

Tipped to be one of the best toys for Christmas, will you be buying LEGO for your children?


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  1. I love it when my two get lego, I tend to be possesive forgetting it was their present not mine, They sit for hours playing it ans now theres more girly things its great


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