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06 August 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Pah! What happened to all of the glorious sunshine? Last weeks weather was appalling and it really changed my eating habits. When it's warm I generally don't eat a lot but the constant rain meant I ended up snacking a lot mainly through boredom and being stuck inside, bad times!

We were out a lot of the weekend shopping, visiting family and sitting in the pub (the wonders of child free time) so this weeks planner was chosen late yesterday afternoon, based on what popped into my mind first really!

Monday - Lasagne, salad and garlic bread (my family are over for dinner and lasagne is always a hit). I'm also making homemade mint choc ice cream and flap jacks.

Tuesday - Sweet and sour chicken with noodles.

Wednesday - Fish in parsley sauce with jacket potatoes and veg.

Thursday - Tomato and mozzarella kievs with wedges and veg.

Friday - Pizza (we are having a family movie night with popcorn and pick 'n' mix too).

Saturday and Sunday I am leaving free as no doubt we will be out and about and packing for our holiday!

What's on your menu this week?

You can head over to At Home With Mrs M to link up or to view other planners.


  1. Lasagne is a real crowd pleaser I only know one person who does not like it and that is because he has a tomato phobia. The kievs sound good too.

  2. Love sweet and sour yum yum :-) movie night sounds good, we must have one here. The weather is totally pants for Summer isn't it, so last weeks menu had salad nearly everyday this week it's back to slightly warmer things!!! Still meant to be getting better after Wednesday, here is to hoping :-) x

  3. LOVELY plan Emma and I will have that fish in Parsley sauce please! As well as the sweet and sour too! Karen

  4. I shouldn't read the Meal Planning Monday posts. They always make me feel hungry!

  5. I LOVE lasagne, must make it a few times before my daughter gets back from her nans in a few weeks, she's one of these weird people who don't like it!


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