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06 August 2012

Monday Me

TheMiniMesandMeIt can be hard as a parent to get time to yourself to relax a little but it's important to get the odd breather away from the chaos and kids!

Monday Me is all about child free time. Joining in can actually help you to make time for yourself even if it's just reading a new book or taking a soak in the tub with a face mask - it's the little moments that can really make such a difference to how you are feeling.

My Monday Me

Wednesday night we took advantage of the Orange 2 for 1 cinema tickets and went to see Batman with the lovely Tom Hardy as Bane and Christian Bale as Batman. It was a great movie, despite being quite long, and I thoroughly enjoyed an evening out cuddled up on the back row with the Mr. We also popped to KFC on the way back for a late night snack! Popcorn chicken is my weakness.

Friday evening the kids headed to their dad's house for the weekend so I got to watch some of the Olympics, enjoy a glass of wine and delicious food at home with my feet up. Saturday we went to see Ted which is a rather naughty comedy movie about a swearing, drug abusing bear! It had both the Mr and I giggling in the back seats. In the evening we went to a pub quiz where we came fourth... we won £5 which barely covered the price of a drink and packet of mini cheddars but it was a funny evening with family and friends and we had a great time getting home around 2am!

The Mr stood at the poster!
Sunday we popped into town for breakfast which involved a trip to Muffin Break for a peppermint chocolate slice - yum! Even without the kids I could't resist popping into the Disney store (anyone else love it in there?) to get Jamster a spiderman lunch bag, pe bag, backpack and filled pencil case ready for going back to school. I did however spend my £25 boots voucher that I won from BritMums in a Twitter party recently on myself.

What have you done for you this week?

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  1. Sounds like you've made the most of your weekend and had a great time. I haven't done a pub quiz for years, used to love them, even though my team never won!

    CJ x

    1. We named ourselves 50 shades of earl grey hehe. We have only been the past few months and enjoy it :)


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