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16 October 2012

Halloween Party Food

We like to decorate the house and make it spooky ready for the Trick or Treaters each October and we love to have our own party with a themed buffet too.

Hopefully these ideas from previous years will help to inspire you when creating your own nibbles for the ghosts and ghouls in your haunted house this Halloween!

Coffin Sandwiches

These are really easy to make by trimming the edges into the shape of a coffin with a knife and using icing pens to write RIP

Strawberry ghosts

You can still get the little ones to squeeze in one of their 5 a day by decorating strawberries in white chocolate. We warm the chocolate to melt it, dunk the strawberries in and us an icing pen to add the faces on once they have set in the fridge.

Melon brain

By peeling the outside from a watermelon and slicing out sections carefully with a knife you can create a brain for your dinner table. Another healthy option too!

Pumpkin snacks

By placing carrot sticks and orange coloured crisps into a circle and using dips for the eyes and mouth you can make a pumpkin out of food to enjoy!

Burnt hand pizza

Using a cookie cutter you can make pizza a  little more exciting by having it in the shape of scary hands.

What Halloween food do you have?

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  1. Wow these look amazing. Well done and thanks for sharing x

  2. Loving the pizza! cutters will be bought in this house for doing pizza next time! thanks :-)

  3. Fab!!! Really love the wee ghosties!!!

  4. Your blog is distinctive. I have found your blog innovative. You have chosen very incredible theme for your sketch. I cherished it.

  5. Great ideas for Halloween! Happy halloween!


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