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15 October 2012

My dream kitchen

I don't have a fairy godmother, genie in a lamp or a money tree growing in the garden so unfortunately for me my kitchen will have to remain how it is for now. I feel ashamed to let people in it at the moment with the plaster and wallpaper falling off and the old fashioned, tatty worktops.

Whenever we save up the pennies there is always something else that ends up breaking down/needs replacing/takes priority - isn't that always the way?!

However I am quite a dreamer and this is how I would love my kitchen diner to be, one day....

Image from Homebase 

I love the light wood and dark worktops of these units. I pop into our local DIY stores quite frequently, collect brochures and admire it on display.  I'd love a breakfast bar so we can sit and natter in the mornings and so the Mini Mes can watch me cooking away in the evening while we talk about their day at school. Some under unit lighting and lots of storage would be perfect and a nice new shiny floor as ours was damaged by a leak last year. I wonder if the wine comes with it...

Images from Kitchen Science 

I'd like a new cooker that actually has space in it for more than one tray at a time. One with lights so I can see the food without opening the oven and making my cakes go flat! I'd like gas hobs rather than electric to be able to monitor the temperature better.

Images from SavesDirect and Faucets

Somewhere funky to wash up to make it seem less of a chore. Our current sink is square and rather boring, I love curves.

Image from Mosaic Village.

Some red thrown in to to make it super vibrant. With red tiles and some red accessories I think it would look lovely.

Image from Blinds4UK

Some blinds (as simple as it may seem) as the window is not currently covered and I'd like to save the neighbours from seeing me in my dressing gown every day.

Images from Amazon and Vinyl signs by ornamentation

A beautiful new table. Somewhere classy yet comfortable to enjoy meals now that the Mini Mes are older and wont destroy it with crayon. Plus some wall art about family as that is so important to us.

But back to normality. This is our kitchen at the moment. Erm, beautiful hey!



  1. Good luck. My kitchen is hideous, it needs replastering and new units, my floor is bare concrete. It is embarrassing as I do like to try and keep things nice.

    1. Thank you :)
      I like the house to be nice too but the kitchen is such a let down! It was awful when we moved in a few years but I had to purchase carpets for the kids and decorate the lounge first so this is still waiting to be done.

  2. Good luck ! I love red in the kitchen x

  3. Good luck, fingers and toes crossed x

  4. lovely ideas and I love the red mosaic tiles! Good luck with the competition! x

  5. love your ideas with the red accessories - that would really brighten things up. When we had our kitchen done - i wasn't really brave enough to do anything too exciting which is a shame as it is great to really go for it sometimes.

    1. Thank you :). I think it really needs a splash of colour after being so dull for so long x

  6. Good afternoon Emma and thank you for entering the Tots 100 competition. We at Rated People are really grateful you took the time and effort to do your blog with such great ideas and lots of photos.
    Adam Walker


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