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12 October 2012

Shouting for Tamsyn

Tamsyn Wood is a mum of four whose husband, Alex, suffered a serious head injury a little over a year ago and since then the family has faced real hardships. Alex is currently receiving vital rehabilitation at a specialist neuro facility. Without this care, Tamsyn may never have her husband at home again.

The team at Babyhuddle were so touched by Tamsyn’s story that they wanted to let her know that she is not alone. Shortly after the campaign launched, Tamsyn received the devastating news that the NHS is no longer able to provide essential funding for Alex.

Since hearing this news, Babyhuddle has launched the Do One Thing for Tamsyn campaign and is taking it’s fight to Chancellor George Osborne’s latest proposals to cut £10bn from UK state benefits.

They have opened a petition to Chancellor George Osborne with the intention to stand up strong for those who are unable to do this by themselves- people like Tamsyn. Benefit cuts are necessary in these tough times, but not to the detriment of those who are in real need. Babyhuddle's goal is to collect enough signatures to send a clear message, both to the government and to Tamsyn. They want the government to know that we, the tax payers, do not agree with his proposals and for Tamsyn to know that she is not alone.

This evening at 8.30pm Babyhuddle are Shouting for Tamsyn - will you join in? If you have access to Twitter, please use the hashtag #Shouting4Tamsyn. If you’re on Facebook, please share this post. If you can sign the petition, please do so; please also share it with as many people as you can. Babyhuddle's aim is simple. Together we can make a real difference and together we can help families like Tamsyn’s. Together we can make change happen.

*No payment was received for sharing this post. I am part of the Baby Huddle Elite network and decided to share the story*

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