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28 November 2012

A christmas message from Santa

Hearing a message from Santa can encourage your little one to behave or make them proud of their achievements this year. With Portable North Pole you can create a free, personalised video message for your little one and there is a lovely range of gifts available too.

You can add detail of what gift they would like, a photo, their name and more to bring a great surprise to your child at home. Minxy was sat wide eyed and giggling to herself.... before running off to tidy her room for Santa!

If you wish to upgrade or purchase some of the personalised PNP merchandise you can use the discount code BLOG10BK to receive 10% off!

Will your little one be on the naughty or nice list this year?


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  1. We did this last year but Bud didn't really understand, I'm thinking he will love it this year!


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