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28 November 2012

Eyes - The Gallery

Eyes are the window to your soul, apparently. But how much can be read by looking into someones eyes? 
The Mr, when we first met, always said how I never gave anything away and how he could never 'read' me. I quite liked the idea that I appeared mysterious in those early days and kept him guessing.
But now if I am upset without even crying or saying a word he just knows. Is it instinct, is it because he knows me to spot the signs or because he can see it in my eyes. 
I think it's probably a combination of the three.

I can definitely tell if the Mini Mes are up to no good by looking at theirs!
Their eyes are very similar in shape too and colour.
(Minxy is the middle set and Jamster's are the bottom set.)

The theme this week is the Eyes.



  1. I can tell a lot by looking at my daughter's eyes! Your little ones have lovely eyes!

  2. That's true! The eyes can tell a lot, reveal some secrets you could never guess :) And the song by Eric Clapton - "Looking to my father's eyes" always gets me crying my eyes out! :)

  3. Blue blue blue!

  4. What lovely colours they have in their eyes. I can tell a lot by peoples' eyes. But I think I'm quite good at hiding mine LOL

  5. Wow, their eyes are alike.... and beautiful. Such a gorgeous colour. X

  6. Beautiful! My littlen's eyes are very expressive and easy to read too x

  7. Lovely post and lovely eyes x


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