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21 November 2012

Little Dish

Being a working and student mum life can at times be hectic and when there isn't time to prepare a meal it's nice to have a healthy alternative available. That's where Little Dish comes in.
They provide nutritious meals so when you want a night off from cooking or something quick before or after clubs you don't have to head for the nearest takeaway!

Little Dish's food contains 100% natural ingredients and working closely with a nutritionist they are able to create delicious meals that your little ones will love - they are tested by kids too!

We received some of the new fresh filled pasta range (and a gorgeous ceramic little dish) to try and the Mini Mes really liked them. They are quick and easy to cook, ideal for when the kids need food fast with no hassle involved. From packet to table it only takes a few minutes.

The varieties we received were cheese and tomato mini tortellini and spinach and ricotta mini ravioli, both of which were scoffed up quickly once served. I was worried that without sauce they would be dry but the pasta and filling were both moist and tasty, the cheese and tomato being the favourite. A suggestion given is to eat the tortellini in a tomato sauce and the ravioli in pesto which I feel would be lovely although they are fine by themselves also. We added a little pepper and some grated cheese on top of ours.

They took around 5 minutes to cook through, you just pop them in a pan of boiling water, one packet should serve 2 small children and the pieces are lovely and soft. They are bite-size and therefore perfect for little mouths (although I tried some too!). Both are suitable for vegetarians which is an added bonus.

The dates on the packets were good so they remained in the fridge for several days before use which meant no last minute dash to the shop would be required if purchasing these. I think it's likely I will try some more of the range as they would be ideal for before Brownies or to keep as a back up. They are even freezable!

Little Dish's fresh filled pasta range is available from Waitrose and Ocado. Their other products are available from a variety of supermarkets

You can find out more on their website.

*We received some Little Dish filled pasta for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*

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