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21 November 2012

You know you have a tween when...

Minxy is such a fantastic little lady the majority of the time; she is helpful, kind, affectionate and caring. However,  there is a side of her that is packed with attitude and rudeness that doesn't appeal quite so much! She has entered the 'tween' stage.

I feel like a broken record when it comes to her TV and stereo, shouting 'turn that down' endlessly before what only can be described as a stampede of elephants fall through the ceiling and land on the kitchen table. I now know all the lyrics to every One Direction song.... is that a good thing?

I pray the wind doesn't change or she will stuck frowning or scowling forever, arms crossed over tightly that go perfectly with the pre-teen mood swings and grumpiness.

'Huh', tuts and sighs are her new way to communicate. I'm not sure I like this foreign language!
She also prefers to shout than talk, I don't think my ears can't handle the volume for much longer, and it's only just the beginning.

The stairs may require new carpet if she continues to stamp her way up and down them so frequently. Possibly even new floor boards if it gets any harder.

Help, I'm a mum to a tween, get me out of here.... but there is no escape, not for a few years at least.
Where did my angel go!

Are you dealing with tween behaviour?


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  1. Oh I feel you! Unfortunately there's no escape - but I am sure you will learn how to deal with it in time. Its also not said that it will get worse - some teenagers are still angels, maybe its just temporary? Even if its worse - remember that everyone has been there!:)


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