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21 December 2012

Christmas Gifts for Him

The Mr is always the one that I get stuck on when buying gifts at Christmas. Generally if there is something he sees, likes and wants throughout the year he will just buy it for himself. Therefore, when December arrives he has no ideas left that he can suggest to me or anyone else to get and it becomes a big guessing game. Great!

From about October I had asked what he would like hoping he would roll out a big list of perfect present ideas a few weeks later, but nothing. So for yet another year I've had to think up bits and bobs for him myself and keep my fingers tightly crossed that he will like what I've purchased and that he doesn't buy it for himself in the meantime.

Some comical t-shirts, a few books and Blu-rays were the first things that came to mind as he can never have enough clothes, he likes to watch movies in the evening and read a book in the bath. I thought about socks as that's a bit of an obsession with him (he has several drawers full) but then I moved on to looking at underwear from Figleaves

The models themselves were rather pleasing to the eye, well there has to be a perk for me too, but apart from that they have a lovely variety of brands in various styles, shapes and sizes to suit every taste.

These novelty ones caught my eye as they are a little bit cheeky and match his sense of humour...

I like these tight fitting ones too (no question why)...

My eyes are on the lingerie, promise!

and these would be a great every day essential for work...

They also have a selection of dressing gowns, nightwear and gifts too so you can pick up a few bits all in one place.

What do you buy the man in your life for Christmas?


  1. I usually go with perfumes/books/leather belts/watches/ties...But its so much harder than picking sth out for a woman! Hahaha my eyes were on the lingerie, too! :)

  2. I'm the same with my man...I never know what to get him even after 9 years together...He goes out and buys stuff for himself when he needs it too...
    This year he has the usual socks, T-shirts, Aftershave, chocolate, some dvd's & that's about it...He said he doesn't want much and we'd rather spend the money on the kids :)

  3. does the man come with the pants!

  4. Doing gifts for men can be easy but it's hard not being boring. Here's a website that will give you all the right ideas for an original gift for him and for everybody for any occasion. Take a look at it, it's easy to use and most of the items can be also personalised as you like!


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