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20 December 2012

Fingerprint Christmas Cards

With Christmas fast approaching and two rather excited Mini Mes I've been thinking of ideas to keep them entertained at home in the warm. Card making is quite an easy craft to enjoy and relatively cheap, if not free (depending upon what you have available to use), but I wanted to try something a little more fun and personalised to decorate them this year....

Reindeer cards
These get the whole family involved as each family member can create their own little character to be included. Simply dip your finger into brown paint and press firmly onto folded card.  Allow to dry fully and then draw/paint on antlers, a nose and eyes. You can add a pom pom for a nose instead and add googly eyes.

Penguin/Robin cards
Slice a potato in half and then dip it into black paint. Press it firmly onto folded card and allow to dry. Using a small potato repeat the previous step but with white paint. Using your finger or a brush add orange paint for the feet and beak and add or draw an eye. You can change the black for brown and white for red if you wish to make a robin instead!

This is our entry into the Christmas Card Craft Off 


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  1. Great ideas, the kids do this sort of thing at school. Had never considered how easy they would be to do at home.


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