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24 January 2013

2013 - where will you go this year?

Sun, sea and sand already on your mind? I know it's on mine and I've been browsing a variety of brochures of far away shores, exotic food and spa retreats that I would love to visit.... if funds stretched that far! 
You can still have a great time within the UK though and you don't need to stay at home all year without a well deserved getaway, even if you can't afford a holiday abroad. 

Although we will be exploring foreign land during the summer again we often enjoy camping and caravan trips during the February half term breaks, Easter holidays and even as late as October, exploring new towns  and villages and having fun as a family. A break from the norm is something we can probably all benefit from!

Camping and caravans
Going back to basics and leaving technology behind is something I really enjoy despite loving my acrylic nails and little luxuries! There are some really nice sites that have pools, parks, entertainment and restaurants although I do like to get out the gas stove or BBQ and cook surrounded by nature and eating alfresco. 
We will probably have a few weekend trips away with the tent and a week visit somewhere near the seaside.

Hotels and apartments
If you don't fancy the great outdoors you can always opt for comfort and warmth with holiday sites like Butlins. We had a fantastic time at their Skegness site and that was only for a day visit while in the area. There were arcades, rides, shows, swimming and a variety of restaurants if you fancy a night off from cooking - we had delicious filled crepes!
We will have a week stay at a resort staying in a hotel or apartment later in the year.

Where will you be heading this year?



  1. I am debating a trip to butlins this year so the ambassador stories really help x

    1. I'm not an ambassador unfortunately but we did enjoy it there :) x

  2. I am not a keen camper!! Mu husband and i went (we only managed one night!!) last year at Vfestival, although you cannot compare that with family camping!!! My little ones are only just 2 and 3, I'm not sure i could cope in a tent with them! We do stay in caravans though.
    We have a week booked in one for June in North Yorkshire, it's our favourite county. It's a Haven site, right on the beach. It'll be our 3rd visit! We are booked in Monday to Monday and my parents are booked to stay fri to monday so we can all spend time together. Love family holidays!

    1. Sounds lovely. We are looking at going abroad with my parents - will be nice to holiday together x

  3. This is a nice post :)

    We're planning on a little mini cruise this year to celebrate my partners 40th birthday in August, but there won't be any major holidays as come April we will have a brand new baby to lug around with us...think we will have to save the bigger holidays for next summer!


    1. Having a baby is way morrow exciting than a holiday - not long to go! :) x

  4. We bought a tent last year in the sale! I love camping and cannot wait to go! We used to go all the time pre-children so we are yet to experience the adventures with Moo and Thor, so slightly nervous about it all but I am sure we will cope!

    1. We took the Mini Mes in 2010 for the first time and they loved it! There are so many child friendly sites now with great facilities too :) x


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